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Molecular: Simple theme for Rainmeter

By SolarPhoton
For updaters, the weather location and music player will be reset to default, be sure to change them

Emphasis on Simplicity

Looks great with most minimalistic wallpapers

To set weather location, right click on skin > edit skin
Then in the file, find "Location=USNY0996" under [Variables] and replace "USNY0996" with your weather code, then save file, refresh skin

To set music player, find "PlayerName=Winamp" under [Variables] in the file and replace "Winamp" with supported NowPlaying.dll player name, see [link] for list
Save file, refresh skin

-Music Player (Hover to expand)
-Analog Clock + AM/PM
-Weather (Hover to expand)

(I've decided against adding a battery meter as it ruins the aesthetics. I've also decided not to add color customization as some elements will remain black and white since they are .pngs, which will make the skin look rather unappealing. If either is desired, I can try to work something out :D)

Version 1.2.0: (5/17/12) Added Music Progressbar (appears circularly around the play/pause button)

Version 1.0.0: (5/7/12) Initial Release

Wallpaper: [link]

Music/Weather Expanded View: [link]

Like it? Let me know with a fav ;)

Weather icons by ~MerlinTheRed [link]
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Can i ask u something? Where i can download this skin? Thanks for ur answer :)
can i ask for another link to the wallpaper ? this link is broken thx
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great work :)
btw, how can i make this smaller :-?
I'm from Auckland, New zealand and it wont let me get the weather. my weather code is NZXX0003
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temp remains the same even if i change the location and change to Celsius instead of Fahrenheit.. stress stress stressRage Grump Rage 
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Minimalistic and beautiful.
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how do i play music through this?
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This theme simply plays/pauses, and forward/backward tracks. So a music player, such as iTunes, has to be open first, and then the theme simply acts as a shortcut to the controls.

Instructions for setting the theme to recognize the music player is in the description.

I hope this helps! Enjoy! :D
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That did help, now the only problem I'm having is trying to find my weather code DX I googled it but all the solutions don't work
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Try: [link] and type in your city/town name.

I hope this helps! :D
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it shouldve helped but they skip kentucky completely -_-
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Isn't that one of the Aron from Kid Icarus?
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Hm, I'm not sure, I'm not familiar with Kid Icarus sorry!
it looks like the steam logo
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Congratulations on your well-deserved DD!!! :iconflyingheartsplz::iconlainloveplz::iconflyingheartsplz: :clap::clap::clap:
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it looks like the steam logo
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I get that a lot xD
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