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Curse Of Mephiles Part 1
This story take place during Nemesis' Childhood(When he was 8 years old)at the peaceful town called Despard...a fateful tragedy has struck,this is what happen.
-5 Years Ago,Outskirt of Despard-
???: Hang it there Nemesis,we'll almost there...
-Despard,Royal Vaspier's Mansion-
*Door Bell Rings*
Maid: Coming...! *Open The Door* Yes can i...?!
???: I have a request,can i see the Master or Mistress of this house?
Maid: Just a moment...*Rush To The Mistress Room* My lady,someone is here to see you!
Woman: Who is it? Nevermind...i'll be there shortly.
*The Mistress Rush Towards The Front Door*
Woman: Yes...errm can i help you stranger?
???: Yes,can you adopt my son Nemesis,and train him?
Woman: W-what?! Adopt him? But...uhm,isnt that a bit...
???: This is very important, sure you like to adopt him.
Woman: Well uhm...alright,under one condition...what's your name?
???: name's Solo.Take care of him...he's very precious.
-Flashback Ends,Present Day,Vaspier's Mansion-
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:iconheartbrokenplz:....sorry, but if Byakuren still not happy and won't be coming back at the IRC. I can simply kill Myouren off and deleted YT account and remove the Wiki Page.

But don't worry, i'm still Roleplaying as OC Katou Taiki / Canon Mishaguji / Canon Tewi say goodbye to Myouren Hijiri.

Pfft~like anyone care, he's dead to begin with...well i had my fun killing / torturing / humiliating him...i'm such a jerk~! :(

Note: I'll be posting O2Mania Songs again at my OC Account 'Transvent' Katou Taiki, if i decided to deleted Myouren on YT.
  • Listening to: The sound of my body ripped apart...
  • Reading: ...lousy Magic Scrolls.
  • Watching: My soul swallowed by the darkness...
  • Playing: life.
  • Eating: ...nothing.
  • Drinking: I SAID NOTHING~!


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Katou Taiki (Touhou Fan OC and my Japanese Nickname~derp!)
Artist | Student | Other
ROAR~Fear my nerdy-ness...i'll bite you.:meow:
To My TouhouYTRP friends: YOU SAW NOTHING!!! >///<


* Myouren Hijiri ( Dead / YT Account and IRC deleted )
* Katou Taiki ( My OC and still alive )
* Mishaguji ( Alive and lurking around Mountain Youkai )
* Tewi Inaba ( For the lulz, only at the IRC )




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