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PKMN- The Dogs Of War

For :iconpkmnation:
Available for breeding

Name: The Dogs Of War
Nickname: War
Species: Houndoom
Gender: Female
Hatch Date: Unknown (Obtained from a sale)

Level: 45
Starting Base Attack: 5
Current Base Attack: 14

Moves: Inferno, Nasty Plot, Thunder Fang, Leer, Ember, Howl, Smog, Roar
Nature: Impish, Strongly Defiant 

Level-Up Log:
- Reference Sheet (2 for full body)
- Sharing is Caring (2 for fullbody, 2 for detailed background, 1 for shading, 2 for mission)
-Art Payment (2 for fullbody, 1 for shading, 1 for simple background, 2 for headshot)
- Let's go see the top dog (2 for fullbody, 1 for shading, 1 for detailed background)
- Shower Her In Flowers (2 for fullbody, 1 for shading, 1 for simple background)
- Sweets and Terror (1 for headshot, 2 for fullbody, 1 for chibi, 3 for shading, 2 for simple background, 2 for detailed background, 2 for gift)
- Art Payment (2 for headshot, 2 for detailed background, 2 for shading)

- Clutch 1 with Licorice
- Clutch 1 with Licorice
- Clutch 1 with Licorice

Fun Facts:
- Left horn was broken off in an intense battle
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Foreststone's avatar
Houndoom looks kinda scary xD but she is badass and you drew her awesome :D
Solaris-Meadow's avatar
Lol thanks X3 I was trying to get that lurking Doberman look.
Foreststone's avatar
Welcome :iconglomp2plz:

She has that look o.O
xXAuraTaurusXx's avatar
This is her right? lol I never checked :)
Solaris-Meadow's avatar
Lol yeah XD that's her.
My impish little baby <3
Could you link me to your guy, please? X3
xXAuraTaurusXx's avatar
Why yes I can :)…

Thanks, I'm new at this but I'm excited
Solaris-Meadow's avatar

And yus, it's always exciting doing a clutch *.* even more exciting when you get the roll back and see what the babies are gonna be like~
xXAuraTaurusXx's avatar
So are we going to split evenly? (If possible) I guess we could just wait and see huh :)
Solaris-Meadow's avatar
Yes, hopefully we'll get an even number and we can split the clutch evenly although if we get an odd number I can draw the extra, if you want~
Though yeah, we can wait to see what we're working with because I've honestly never tried to draw or even thought about drawing a phantump in my life lol.
xXAuraTaurusXx's avatar
Only done it a few times before Licorice myself and once I figured him out I'm in love with his little swirls. Houndoom are awesome! I'm so excited either way. This is a nice one. Imagine the possibilities, Extras could be really fun.  <3
Either way I'm sure we'll both be happy. 
Mind if I doodle War and Licorice?
Solaris-Meadow's avatar
Only if I'm allowed to do it too XD It could be unofficial pre-breeding/pre-clutch images~
It can also be some practice for when we get he clutch roll back :D
Hopefully we'll be lucky enough to get a morph or two but who knows? I'm excited too :>
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PsionicCastor's avatar
PsionicCastor's avatar
Welcome. And I love all your pokemon by the way. I seriously may have to breed mine with you sometime cause I have two dark types now, one is in the making.
Solaris-Meadow's avatar
Thank-you! Yours are awesome too, I especially love your absol and deino both of which I wouldn't mind having if we ever do a breeding X3
scar000798's avatar

I just wanna Pick her up and snuggle her o v o
Solaris-Meadow's avatar

If you try that there's no guarantee you'll be keeping your arms XD
scar000798's avatar

But, But I like my Arms.
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