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A riddle~
I am the heart of darkness and within me you dream
I pull the light into myself but never do I lighten
I can be chased away by the dawn but always do I return
I will never be found in the light, not even if you split it
:iconsolaris-ember:Solaris-Ember 3 1
thoughts upon god
God is the Universe
And the Universe is God
And both are beyond Human Understanding
And yet trying to Understand makes use Human
And Humanity is akin to Compassion
And Compassion is what makes us Godly
And so God can be felt through our love for each other
And God can be seen in the light of the stars
And God can be heard in the voice of a friend
And God can
And God is
:iconsolaris-ember:Solaris-Ember 0 0
heart of a star
the universe is divine
but divinity goes beyond the universe
and the universe doesn't care about us
but the universe is in us
we are just tiny and mortal
floating, like jetsam, on the sea
of time
but divinity is in us as well
and each of us once formed
the heart of a star
:iconsolaris-ember:Solaris-Ember 1 0
ideas are sometimes said to have substance
if ideas have substance (and they do)
does that mean they have matter
if ideas have matter
does the law of conservation apply to them
can an idea die
or can it only
t r a n s f o r m
:iconsolaris-ember:Solaris-Ember 0 0
Andalite by Solaris-Ember Andalite :iconsolaris-ember:Solaris-Ember 6 2
Yellow and lilac
Perfect white crescent
Before the sun goes down
:iconsolaris-ember:Solaris-Ember 0 0
My handwriting grows worse all the time
Practice makes perfect they say
I never write anymore
:iconsolaris-ember:Solaris-Ember 1 3
The roots run deep
In this old heart
This old tree
This old hag
Withered hag
Gone cold with time
Willow weeping
For all of time
:iconsolaris-ember:Solaris-Ember 0 0
Pudgy, silver-haired man
You remind me of my professor
How about that
:iconsolaris-ember:Solaris-Ember 0 0
Songs Unsung
Sometimes I doodle poetry
Little leaves in the margins
Nonsensical ramblings
Songs unsung
Words that lack meaning
Scribbled and scrunched
All together
:iconsolaris-ember:Solaris-Ember 0 0
Her orange hair flew freely behind her as she skipped across the green, unbridled joy on her face. Her hands hovered awkwardly around her chest as she adjusted her bra, mid-skip. And then the girl, no woman, was lost from sight, her freedom intact.
:iconsolaris-ember:Solaris-Ember 0 0
I have been happy, generally, but it's an empty sort of happiness. It doesn't exist through the presence of joy or passion, though I do have love, for certain. Rather, the happiness exists in the general absence of sorrow and shadow. There are few black clouds over me, but the ones that do overhang do so because of a lacking. The lacking is a loss of joy.
Once, I took pleasure in things. I enjoyed my writing and grew attached to the written word. Once, I stayed up well into the night, devouring stories and characters and ideas. Once, I was passionate about things, silly things mostly, but at least the passion was there. Once, I thought myself a musician. Ando once upon a time, I had incredible ambition. I was going to be poor, but revered in my field and above all, deliriously happy. I would have a husband and two children, in a little house in the woods.
But now the way forward is clouded with fog and I can't see any future at all. And being blind, I am terribly afraid. I've lost my w
:iconsolaris-ember:Solaris-Ember 0 0
Titles are for Squares
It starts with lust and it becomes a case of longing. Yearning to touch them, to feel their body moving beneath you. It starts with the desire to tenderly caress them. Your body grows hard with the urge and the surge of energy. The surge of hormones, coursing through your prone form...It starts with lust, but it always ends in loneliness.
:iconsolaris-ember:Solaris-Ember 1 2
The mind shutting down
   and falling silent
   but filled to the brim
   with mindless terror
A shaking and a quaking
The teeth chatter
   and the hands clench
   without being clenched
I am afraid
:iconsolaris-ember:Solaris-Ember 0 0
In the Garden
In the garden is where I chose to rest
My head upon the grass so green and soft
White flowers and blossoms of gold all round
A little brook chuckled over grey stones
I lay me down to sleep and passed the time
The sun was low upon the horizon
When I awoke from my peaceful slumber
So peaceful was the blue and beautiful
In the garden is where I chose to rest
:iconsolaris-ember:Solaris-Ember 0 0
They tell me I'm being type-casted because I'm pretty and I have a lovely voice. Everyone always compliments me on my fair skin and dainty hands. When I allude to wanting other, more interesting roles, people just smile condescendingly. "Oh that silly Sarah," they're probably thinking, "doesn't she realize that she's too small and innocent to be a character actress? No one would ever believe it if we cast an ingénue in the role of villain." Silly, sweet, naive Sarah. Nobody ever takes her, that is, me seriously. Just stick to what you know, Sarah.
People seem wary of me when they recognize me from my roles. Don't they know that I'm an actress? Don't they realize that I'm not really like the characters I portray? They tell me I've been type-casted because of my dark skin an impressive stature. My voice fills the theatre magnificently and the heroes of the play fall before me (until the final act, that is). Sometimes I'll express a desire for other, simpler, more heroic roles. "With
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