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Jiren the Grey by SolarFlare-Art Jiren the Grey :iconsolarflare-art:SolarFlare-Art 6 0 Aura Practice (+New OC) by SolarFlare-Art Aura Practice (+New OC) :iconsolarflare-art:SolarFlare-Art 3 0 Quick Sketch - Sans the Skeleton by SolarFlare-Art Quick Sketch - Sans the Skeleton :iconsolarflare-art:SolarFlare-Art 1 0 Quick Sketch - Merged Zamasu by SolarFlare-Art Quick Sketch - Merged Zamasu :iconsolarflare-art:SolarFlare-Art 5 0 Niki by SolarFlare-Art Niki :iconsolarflare-art:SolarFlare-Art 4 1 WIP - Black Lion (Voltron LD) by SolarFlare-Art WIP - Black Lion (Voltron LD) :iconsolarflare-art:SolarFlare-Art 5 1 DnD Character - Riff the Wizard by SolarFlare-Art DnD Character - Riff the Wizard :iconsolarflare-art:SolarFlare-Art 2 2 Fanart for Chaos55t by SolarFlare-Art Fanart for Chaos55t :iconsolarflare-art:SolarFlare-Art 7 0 Request for CandiiDrawing - DBZ Persona Redraw by SolarFlare-Art Request for CandiiDrawing - DBZ Persona Redraw :iconsolarflare-art:SolarFlare-Art 1 3 Future Gohan Redrawn by SolarFlare-Art Future Gohan Redrawn :iconsolarflare-art:SolarFlare-Art 7 0 Principal Nezu Sketch by SolarFlare-Art Principal Nezu Sketch :iconsolarflare-art:SolarFlare-Art 5 0 Tribute to the All Might, the Symbol of Peace by SolarFlare-Art Tribute to the All Might, the Symbol of Peace :iconsolarflare-art:SolarFlare-Art 4 0 WIP (2) - Euphrates the Warlock (DnD 5e) by SolarFlare-Art WIP (2) - Euphrates the Warlock (DnD 5e) :iconsolarflare-art:SolarFlare-Art 0 0 WIP - Euphrates the Warlock (DnD 5e) by SolarFlare-Art WIP - Euphrates the Warlock (DnD 5e) :iconsolarflare-art:SolarFlare-Art 1 0 Light and Dark 2018 entry - Rage by SolarFlare-Art Light and Dark 2018 entry - Rage :iconsolarflare-art:SolarFlare-Art 1 0 Light and Dark 2018 entry - Serenity by SolarFlare-Art Light and Dark 2018 entry - Serenity :iconsolarflare-art:SolarFlare-Art 2 0



Jiren the Grey
As part of my training in martial arts, I've been studying human anatomy, learning about different muscular groups, and thought it would be a good idea to utilize what I learned, exaggerate it a little, and draw our favourite shredded extraterrestrial, Jiren the Grey, who to be honest has my favourite design in Dragon Ball Super. It just screams "No tricks, I'm just strong", if that make sense, which for some reason I find appealing.

Jiren belongs to Funimation, Toei Animation, Fuji TV, Shueisha, Toyble and Akira Toriyama

Drawing by Solarflare-Art
Aura Practice (+New OC)
I've been trying to learn how to draw different auras recently. This one is my most successful result yet. This one is an OC of mine from the series Avatar the Last Airbender, whose name is Tarrak, with some kind of spirit energy. I'll upload concept art of him as soon as I make it, but in the mean time, here is the result of a few days practice :)
Quick Sketch - Sans the Skeleton
Not a fanboy personally, I just like drawing skeletons. 

Here we have Sans, the most infuriating boss and fan-favourite from Toby "fwugradiation" Fox's UnderTale, and now DeltaRune. But chances are you already knew that :)

I'm really curious to see what DeltaRune chapter 2 will be like, but in the mean-time, we can but speculate.
Quick Sketch - Merged Zamasu
Here we have Zamasu, who has one of my favourite designs to come out of Dragon Ball Super, second only to Jiren, who I plan on drawing some time soon.
Kia ora everyone! I hope everyone's doing well!

This is a gift for my amazing friend :icondan-zan:, I hope you like it!
Here we have Niki, who is an OC made by Dan-Zan.
I had a really great time drawing him, there's something about his characters that make them so much fun to draw ^_^

Dan-Zan is an amazing artist, and he has a lot of brilliant drawings on his page, so if you haven't already, please go and check it out :aww:

Niki belongs to:

Drawing by:
Kia ora everyone, Jack here!

And as you can see by SolarFlare-Art

Happy December guys! Sorry I've been gone for so long. I've had so many different deadlines/ responsibilities that I've had to deal with (including a new position at work, general health/ well-being of family and also running around after a passport since I'm going to Japan soon ^-^), plus a few problems with my computer that meant I couldn't really be active for more than moments at a time. Not enough to create/ post, and not nearly enough time to write a thoughtful response to messages. I'll get on top of that as soon as I can. Everything's fixed now.

I've got a few things planned for the next... well let's just say while. I'm not in school anymore, so I've got plenty of time to work on art/ messages other than when I'm at my job or at martial arts training (which I'm planning to get serious about and actually fight in tournaments/ shows rather than just hit a bag/ spar all the time). Anyway, assuming the internet doesn't go down the path we all fear in January, here are the things I have planned:

-WIPs for various people, see this journal entry (they're all pretty much done, should be up in the next couple weeks)
-Some drawings I promised DanZan, which again are pretty much done, and should be up soon
-A few OCs, including my oldest one from Avatar the Last Airbender which I've been wanting to show for a while, but didn't want the person who initially gave me the idea back in 2014 to find my page for personal reasons, now I don't really care
-A few attempts at video game cartography
-In March (starting on the 8th NZST which is when I leave New Zealand for a while) a vlog webseries that I'm planning to call "Jack's Eastern Odyssey", which was requested by an IRL friend of mine (actually come to think of it, despite him being an actual artist by trade, I never asked if he had a DA. Will look into that later.) who wanted to see what I'll be up to while in Japan.
-Final versions of WIPs I've already posted

That's all for now, I'm planning on being a lot more active from now on so if anyone wants to chat, feel free and I'll get back to you within a few hours at most.
Cheers from a very sunburnt, semi stable nearly 18 year old man. Stay safe everyone, happy holidays!
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  • Playing: For Honor
  • Eating: McDonalds. Again... -_-
  • Drinking: As much water as humanly possible
WIP - Black Lion (Voltron LD)
Kia ora everybody! Solarflare here. It's been a while, but I'm back until November at least. Haven't had much time to draw between different things, some good and some bad, so it's a good thing I've had this on the backburner for a while. 

I'm still working on requests (though they are closed until early December I would expect) along with a few drawings for a friend of mine who recently celebrated 100 watchers. His username is DanZan, and he's a really awesome guy and a really talented artist. If you haven't seen his stuff already, please go have a look!
DnD Character - Riff the Wizard
Another character of mine from yet another campaign my friends are at least trying to do. With our conflicting schedules it's very difficult for us to find time for a session more than 2 hours long.

(Little easter egg for those of you who like Dr Who in this one ^_^)
Fanart for Chaos55t
A bit of fanart for :iconchaos55t:
The style was quite difficult to get used to, but despite that I worked hard on this one. 
Update: I haven't disappeared, just going through some issues with my family, and dealing with school and work. Still working on requests for :iconfistdantilus: and :iconmarylemon42: though, which along with some other things I've got in the works should be up soon when things calm down, and I get a chance to finish them. But (and this is the reason I tagged them) they wont be up for a while, so whatever I put in the journal means nothing right now. When I get a hold of the situation I'll estimate an amount of time, but until then I'm just changing it to "indeterminate". Sorry for the hold up, I'll do them ASAP, but it won't be right away. Thanks for understanding, guys.


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Hi there!
Welcome to my page. Feel free to look around, and if you like what you see, let me know and I'll make more.

My Social Medias/ different ways you can contact me other than notes:

Twitter: @buffweeb667
Hangouts/ Email:
Facebook: Ehh... I don't feel comfortable adding this yet. Maybe at the end of the year?
(I'm always up to talk, so if you need anything please don't hesitate ^-^)


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