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Dimensional Chaos Cutscene Preview

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"[...]I dislike Goldra. Spend just one second with her, and you'll see why. "

~Stonia, Frostina, Stonia, and Woodra's Quiz

Yep, there you have it. If her arrogance wasn't any indication, then this comic right here is precisely why Goldra's disliked/hated by Stonia and the rest of her sisters.

In case anyone's wondering, this isn't another of those "Battle Quote" comics. Unlike those, which are mostly hypothetical situations, this one actually pertains to the story. It's basically a preview of things to come in one of the future chapters of Dimensional Chaos.

As I said before, in the "Comic Scraps #2" description, Silvra and Goldra have a "good half/evil half" thing going on, with the former being the good one, and the latter being the evil one. I have to say, even though I'm the one who made this, even I find myself amazed as to how downright psychotic and evil Goldra is compared to all the other Elemental Goddesses. I'd say she's right up there with the likes of Mephiles, or maybe even Carnage from the Spiderman series.

Also, in case anyone's wondering about "Sparkling City"... A majority of the story takes place within the "Lunar Dimension", which is parallel to the one that Sonic and company live in, and many places and things are named after star or planet-related terms. Sparkling City is meant to be that dimension's equivalent of Station Square. As to how I came up with that specific name, then it's a reference to what Sonic 1's Spring Yard Zone was originally called in its beta stage of development. Well, that's about all I have to say.

Both EG-005/Silvra and PG-005/Goldra belong to me. Credit goes to Azuroru for the sprites, and Backgrounds HQ for the X-Zone background.
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I forgot about that beta name...

And yeah, nice job. Sounds like they'll have an epic battle. =P