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December 25, 2011
Into Descent by ~esk6a "A galaxy of Love and Hope and Goodwill to all Alienkind."
Featured by Casperium
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Into Descent

OMG a DD! :O what a huge surprise! Thanks casperium for featuring it! i didnt expected this at all.

I hope galaxies doesnt bore you because Im in the mood to create another scene with galaxy. D I really adore them! They are quite hard to make but I think this one turned out really good. I took me about 4 days to finish just the galaxy because its really huge! Its 8400x4800px@500dpi. This is the largest piece I made so far for now.

I hope you like it!
C&C are most welcome!

Done in PS and Vue in approx 20h.

Wallpappers are available:

Before you ask me how I did the galaxy check out my tut here: [link]
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WOW ! Breathtaking !
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Astonishing !  Wow! 
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Awesome, awesome, awesome & awesome !
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Can't believe I am just discovering you. This is absolutely amazing. Exceptional work.
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:) Same here! :D you have a very nice gallery as well :D
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Nice depth! :D Care to go for a ride? :)
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First stop 'Astro Cafe', their burgers are outta this world! :D
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So this planet orbits in the close-range galactic halo?
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Yea, something like that... :D
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Stunning work.
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Cestitam na DD, ovaj rad je predstavljen u blogu: [link] grupe:
Svaka cast! ;)
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Absolutely epic work!
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I love this piece a lot! Would it be okay if I buy the print and use it for the cover of a book I'm currently writting? :)
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Im fine with that, just give me credit! :) Thank you!
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Thanks! I will.
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WOW! I can't believe I hadn't noticed earlier! Congratulations on the DD!!!!! I feel really happy for you! You definitely deserve it!!
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No problem! When I noticed that you had gotten one I almost fell out of my chair! Great job! Hopefully more people will notice your amazing space art!
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