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Galaxy Tutorial

Here is the galaxy tutorial I promised some time ago. I hope it will help you creating some nice galaxies.
Please show me your work if you tried out this tut so I can give you feedback.

You can check the final result of this tutorial here: [link]

And heres another example for the result with the same techniques: [link]

Another good example by ~R3V4N: [link]


Update 1:

I merged the multiple PDF's into one file and compressed as ZIP.
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Hi, I used your tutorial to make my first galaxy ever. Thanks a lot! I thought it was super complex at first but turns out that your tutorial consists on really basic Photoshop skills. I will polish that stuff.

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Do you think it's possible to make/find one for GIMP?
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I dunno. Im not a gimp user so I cant make it. But good luck with finding one.
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i can't see it for some reason :/
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Gotta download it, bud. c:
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cool thanks for this.
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You are welcome! :)
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Thanks a lot for that tutorial! :D
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:love: Thanks for tutorial! :squee:
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YOU save me *esk6a your Galaxy Tutorial! THNAK YOU for it. I very long time find how truely make, paint or creat galaxy. :dance:
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What program is this tutorial made for? Photoshop?
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Finally we have a very good galaxy tutorial! I've been waiting so long for this...
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Remélem, hasznos lesz! :w00t:
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Ezt ki kell próbálnom!
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thanks for this, ive been wanting a tut on galaxies for years. :)
i used it here [link] but be warned... i strayed... :XD:
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Fantastic tutorial :D
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