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Galaxy Tutorial



Here is the galaxy tutorial I promised some time ago. I hope it will help you creating some nice galaxies.
Please show me your work if you tried out this tut so I can give you feedback.

You can check the final result of this tutorial here: [link]

And heres another example for the result with the same techniques: [link]

Another good example by ~R3V4N: [link]


Update 1:

I merged the multiple PDF's into one file and compressed as ZIP.
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I do a lot of maps for fantasy settings (mostly just for fun, but also if people want to use them in their RPG games), and I am currently working on - in a 'mental exercise' kind of way - a Galaxy/Universe combining elements from all the various scify franchises (and a few comic and fantasy ones as well). I will be using this tutorial to try my hand at my own Galaxy image, but if not, I can just use your Milky Way one as a base (which I would never publish anywhere without permission, of course). As I said, its just in the thought-process stages, with some notes. I've done similar 'merged' settings in fantasy and post-apocalypse, so this will be something new, but within my wheelhouse (the idea is to blend the lore - the hardest part - not just the map elements). Anyway, thanks for this and all your hard work - you are a far better artist than I could ever hope to be. Cheers