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A Place To Call Home

12K Views was almost a year ago since I made my previous space art. :O Quite long ago ehhh...I almost forgot my own techniques ;)

I started this in vue. I wanted to create a good looking earthlike 3D procedural planet. It was quite time consuming, I spend more time on creating the planet itself than the whole scene and Im still not 100% satisfied with it ;). Later on I decided to make it more interesting, so I made the asteroids and opened it in PS and started painting...

Let me know what you think.

Made in Vue and PS. About 12 hours of work...

C&C are most welcome!
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Amazing!  I have Vue Sci-Fi and my computer balks at having more than 6 objects on the screen at once. (I need more memory, I think; or just a better desktop... lol)
Anyway, such a wonderful composition!
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Thanks man! I'm Really glad you love it!
Yea vue is very memory intensive. I remember when i used it on my old PC with 1.5 gb memory, it was a pain in the ass
Now I have 8 gb but 16 gb would a lot better.
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question, how do you make it looks like 3D?
I don't think it was painted by tablet, because it looks 3d and landscapes are so detailed like google earth.
I tried similer thing but it is...[link] rubbish. Could you teach me the art of painting? :D Thank you.
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It looks like 3D because it is 3D! :) The only thing painted here is the galaxy in the background. Only color corrections were made in photoshop.
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wow, so it was nonsense question, haha. So, is the landscape on the planet preset of photoshop?
I want to paint my original landscape...
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Nooo!...:D The planet has nothing to do with photosop :D It was done in Vue using procedural textures.
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This is awesome!
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Thanks! Glad you like it!
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Very nice. The asteroid in the foreground adds a great depth to the whole picture. Very nice use of colors. Love it!
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Thank you very much! I appreciate your feedback! :)
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You are welcome!
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december 21.? :) kiraly a sikla
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downloaded :D Im going to use it for my wallpaper, very pretty
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Cool! Glad you like it!
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Very cool ! I should try this Vue thing lol
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Cool POV, sky and planet's fexyures! Bravo!
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Beautiful work! I'm totally in love with the background!
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Thanks! Im glad you like it!
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