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There's a Cutie Mark for that

Missing Word
I wonder about cutie pox... they're uncontrollable, but what IF they're controllable... AB will be INVINCIBLE
A little bit late but better late than never, I've been busy with tumblr haha~
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She's desperate
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It's like on Sesame Street where that guy is always going around to different shops and restaurants only to find that Grover is working there :D 
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And apparently, I already left this comment :blush:
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Ahahah,very stalky!Reminds me about other comics I read in the past..


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The cutie mark is a large brown blob that is made up of all the cutie marks!

Applebloom: "See? This one is Twilight's!"
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Apple Bloom; She's EVERYWHERE!!!!!
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get ALL the cutie marks!
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Cutiepox again? :XD:
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It's like on Sesame Street when Grover appeared at all the places the guy went just to pester him :)
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you are a danger Aplebloom XD
bit stil love you =D
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Wha do you mean danger?
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Sorry, I meant: it is a threat for being so hardworking. Bunny-Emoji-11-(Emoji-Drum-Roll) 
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Sure She Didn't Get A Cutie Mark Fro Annoying Bon Bon? XD
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Pursuer cutie mark xD
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Maybe.... the cutie mark she isn't using disappears, and a new one appears each time she changes special talents.
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Hmm... A controllable case of the Cutie Pox...
Maybe that would be her real Cutie Mark! (It'd have to be bigger than the others to make sure that people can tell the difference between it and the Pox ones...
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It's the cutie pox! RUN!
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Apple Bloom...omni-talented filly of the future! DA DA DAAAAAAA!
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Apple Bloom's a ninja?
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Cutie pox ? AGAIN !?
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