Naruto Investigation Corner vol.1

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UPD March 5, 2012 - timeline sketch added for further lulz :XD:

Read Volume 2 - here!

:wave: Thanks to my wonderful correspondents :bow: the number of theories concerning various Naruto mysteries has gradually increased during the past few weeks - to the point when I can't contain all of them within one humble braincase and thus let out in the open DA to roam and bring havoc to people who are eager to know the truth as much as I do :eager:

Thus I'm opening this investigation corner :sherlock: for anyone who has intriguing ideas to share them with public - because recently I got trapped into several plot holes and am desperately seeking the Light.

No, I'm not free neither from uni nor from freelancing projects. I just happen to be uber-curious about certain issues of Kishimoto's grand affair and would like to express my hesitant ideas here.


So, the affair #1 - Orochimaru and Akatsuki.
I'm absolutely positive he knew of Tobi's plans before everyone else and more than that, actually participated in most of them.
This, however, leaves the role of Ame Orphans as the peacemakers uneven.

:bulletred: For how long has Orochimaru been in Akatsuki and how he tolerated Pein as the official leader, knowing their history and that he himself suggested disposing of the kids?
:bulletorange: Is there any adequate timeline on the internet concerning Orochimaru's lifeline? Google fails me miserably :(
:bulletyellow: What were Orochimaru's issues with Yagura/Tobi and were it their result that he wanted to control the Sanbi?
:bulletgreen: How old exactly was Orochimaru when he fled Konoha?
:bulletblue: What were exactly Orochimaru & Sasori's doings the latter named as 'good things' ?
:bulletpurple: Why would Oro preserve the ringed hand Itachi cut off from his original body?
:bulletblack: Was Suigetsu's abduction to Otogakure linked to Mangetsu's death? (And how old was Mangetsu?)

:bulletred: I fail imagining Orochimaru appearing at Akatsuki's HQ waving hello to Nagato, Konan and Yahiko (or was the latter already dead thanks to Hanzo? That's another story though :O) "Hey kids! I see Jiraiya didn't follow my advice.... Wut? I are to be at your command??! No way!!"
Perhaps, Oro was introduced directly to Tobi?

Or rather, they were acquianted on regular basis for several years before Oro's defection from Konoha? I'm sure this relationship resulted into Zetsu (not in that perverted way it sounds! :XD: ) but not limited to :O

:bulletorange: We know that Oro fled Konoha right after Minato was appointed as Yondaime Hokage (ch. 450, page 15  stating Minato was around thirty) and that Itachi spent in Akatsuki 7~8 years. And Oro was a loyal Akatsuki member for several years when Itachi joined the organization at the age of 13.

Meet the black hole:
> Orochimaru first saw Itachi at the Academy when the latter was 8~10 - meaning 3~5 years prior to the massacre.

> BUT - the massacre took place 7~8 years after the Kyuubi's attack (and Minato's death).

Meaning Minato was killed 2~3 years prior to Orochimaru meeting Itachi?! :hmm:
Please tell me who's wrong - me or the timeline? :O

UPD - my bad, my bad, neither is wrong. The timeline is perfectly right, since Oro fled Konoha years after Minato's death - having witnessed Itachi's prowess, and marked Anko with the curse seal.

Naruto Timeline Sketch by solar-sea

:bulletyellow: I figured we know little to nothing about Yagura person.
Rather than he was a Yondaime Mizukage and controlled Sanbi, which disappeared after the Third Shinobi war (according to Tsunade's memories) - while Yagura himself didn't seem to disappear until the very recent times when Mei Terumi was appointed the Godaime Mizukage.
Meaning Yagura (or the shell of Yagura, controlled by the Tobi person) somehow got rid of the tailed beast inside him and continued his evildoings? (which resulted in Kiri gaining the nickname of 'Bloody mist')
Because if Tobi wanted to seal the bijuu - he would have done so - but in the filler arc we see it roaming in the wild!

Moreover, if Oro collaborated with Tobi - he should have known about his Yagura's impersonation as well. And he should have witnessed the escape/release/whatever of Sanbi - or why would he be interested in capturing the poor bijuu in that favourite Guren filler arc of mine, other than to blackmail Tobi?
Or was that filler a complete mess (only to delight Guren lovers?) :O

:bulletblue: Orochimaru and Sasori's relationship officially stole my sleep (no yaoi implications here, pretty please! :x ) - because when Sasori mentions 'doing good things' in Sasori's twisted sense of good (two scorpios by zodiac partnered together... hell yeah!) - I shiver at the very idea of their collaborations!

Furthermore, we know Sasori joined Akatsuki at the age of 15 and was its loyal member for 20 years. Was the Akatsuki itself that old, btw?!
With whom was Sasori partnered before Orochimaru? (if we assume Orochimaru spent in Akatsuki 10~15 years) :O

:bulletpurple: The Akatsuki ring - why would Oro keep it?
Why didn't Pein send anyone (namely Zetsu)  to retrieve the ring as seen after Sasori's death (Zetsu and Tobi make appearance in that cave) Was it more than a mean of holografic communication system? Or it had direct channel of connection to the Tobi person?

I wouldn't be surprised Oro retained his partnership with the Tobi thing ever after his defection from Akatsuki and show-off 'I hate that organization' (as seen in 'Sasuke & Sai' arc)...

:bulletblack: I'm enamoured with Kirigakure in general and Seven Swordsmen institution in particular :heart: yet I have only one explanation as to why Oro even bothered abducting Suigetsu for experiments - he was on a friendly visit to Yagura/Tobi and there met these kappa brothers. Couldn't help it but dispose of Mangetsu (wait a sec - Mangetsu was one of the Swordsmen, meaning he wasn't weak at all...) and take his younger brother to Oto... :O


But all those points are just for your fun and brainwork, compared to the question of timeline which seriously bolied my mind now! :O:O:O
I'm extremely interested in what are your answers to the questions above! :la:

Purple and golden by Umaken Bloody sunset by EnmaKatsuki007

Devil by TheAddster


Omnomnom, awesome contests! :la:

Contest#2: Steampunk / Cyberpunk Challenge!Hi everyone,
A few weeks ago we announced that a second contest would be coming up. Well, we are done with the preparations, so it´s time to get this thing started =D :squee:
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Prizes:(all requests will be Naruto characters only)
1st Place:
:bulletpurple: 6 month premium membership (or point equivalent) sadrithmora
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:bulletpurple: 2-3 characters max with simple background from waist up by balokdok
:bulletpurple: xXChirushiXx Has agreed to an art request (Full Color, details to be worked out later)
:bulletpurple: ShizukaMiu Has agreed to an art request (Full Color, details to be worked out later)
:bulletpurple: :devKatasa
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And here my ultimate love :heart: resides, and I'm planning to make a massive fractal feature in the nearest future :la:
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I whant kishimoto, to make maybe after he is done whit naruto, maybe some chapters that has to do whit naruto, but he didnt have time or forgott to add to naruto.
He probably has something he forgot, some little flashback or something like :
/Sasori and orochimarus realatinship and the "good deads" they did
/How did Orochimaru find the secret Uchiha tablet, and how the hell did he manage to desifer it (chapter 560) and find Madaras real body
/How did orochimaru find the sage snake, why coudnt he get snake mode (Dragon mode)
/How did the whole exsperiment whit Danzo and all those sharingan in his hand go about
and so on.
I said alot with orochimaru XD he is my fave character, but there are more about other characters too

(sorry for my bad english, and probably grammer wrongs)