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Pirates of Ren: a Caribbean Story

Created for CR-FanArt-Contests Evil Re-Imagined contest :ahoy:
The theme was to: create an artwork of you favourite villain of any Disney movie, animated or live action but with a twist; place them in an alternate universe, banding together with another villain of another movie, swap their gender, change their outfit, be creative!

And since Star Wars also count as of the sequel trilogy, obviously my choice for a villain was quite predictable :D
As for the twist, oh dear. I changed the galaxy for the Caribbean and First Order for that of the pirates. It triggered other twists and transformed into this scenario :nod: And we all need Kylo with luscious curls longer and unleashed, c'mon :drool:

So meet Captain Kylo Ren with that wonderful artifact of a compass that leads you to your heart's desire - and then there's that desire of his - in the form of Han Solo's dice. Magic is interwoven with that unforgettable feel we get at watching PotC:AWE :la:
I think the interpretation is quite clear here, but I'd absolutely love to hear your ideas! :eyes::la:

While initially this was planned as a primarily gen scenario, Rey waltzed in as Elizabeth Swann, and me, the dedicated Willizabeth shipper, was once more swept away with all the connotations of a good ole' roguish Jellizabeth :eyes::ahoy:
So one may or may not find a reylo vibe here :D
There's also that scene from PotC: DMC with the wedding gone awry, and I can only wonder who's Rey's fiance here, actually ;p

Star Wars © Lucasfilm & Disney | PotC © Disney | Stock: Digital Texture Artwork 305 & Digital Texture Artwork 262 by mercurycode
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How interesting... :thumbsup:
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I love this so much!
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WOW!! Quite interesting concept. Excellent as always. 
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In the long run, we always arrive to the need of a pirate crossover in any franchise save for a pirate one :XD:
Thank you! :tighthug:
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No problem at all. 
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Wow, this is absolutely mesmerizing!
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Awesome! :D

I had to put some thought and attention to a particular series of details rendered out here to correctly appreciate your entry.
I so hope the juries do not miss out on any of it as you have put a lot of hard work into this.

May the best of luck be with you! :)
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Wow, thank you for your attentive exploration of this scenario I've drawn!
This means a lot to me to hear the viewers take their time to discover the subplots in here! :la:
Thank you! :highfive:
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I think that there is much demand on the spectators here... At least to correctly appreciate what was meant to be brought across.
I too tend to have habit of planting various "Easter Eggs" so to say that only the more attentive can correctly realize and follow up on the real composition attempted to be given.

Your work is aesthetically pleasing in such level that even without the figurative implements or meaning: It is lovely to look at.
In this sense no one needs to know anything of either story to enjoy this work. But it is like the description of a green lawn from a boy that sees it every day and a boy that just lost his sight and shall not see it any longer.
Sometimes the true appreciation is actually on the shoulders of the spectators...

I am totally against the BS artists (they deserve no other title) that go to school and develop an attitude to "You are not suppose to get it you peasant.. It is art. Something so beyond your abilities"... And will have to completely agree with Banksy with his comment on contemporary art.
But what you have done here is insult no one.. You have a beautiful work and for those with higher abilities: An even more beautiful work :)
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This looks like a hell of work !!
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It is, in fact :nod:
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Wow completely stunning
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Great piece! I really like the composition and flow.
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Wow, interesting concept. I've always considered Will/Elizabeth to be somewhat boring, Jack/Elizabeth - intriguing, but requiring a bit of work. Reylo - well, that couple requires a LOT of work. Good luck with your contest. :la:
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Thank you Winry!:blowkiss: A lot of work indeed, you're very right with these two :D
Wiil Turner is ironically one of the few portagonist characters whom I've always liked dearly, despite my usual dislike of how the protagonists are portrayed most of the times (starting at Naruto and not ending :lol:)
I wonder if this is mayhaps due to him being played by Orlando Bloom I'd been somewhat crushing on at the time first pirates were airing :D
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