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Pirates of Ren: a Caribbean Story



Created for CR-FanArt-Contests Evil Re-Imagined contest :ahoy:
The theme was to: create an artwork of you favourite villain of any Disney movie, animated or live action but with a twist; place them in an alternate universe, banding together with another villain of another movie, swap their gender, change their outfit, be creative!

And since Star Wars also count as of the sequel trilogy, obviously my choice for a villain was quite predictable :D
As for the twist, oh dear. I changed the galaxy for the Caribbean and First Order for that of the pirates. It triggered other twists and transformed into this scenario :nod: And we all need Kylo with luscious curls longer and unleashed, c'mon :drool:

So meet Captain Kylo Ren with that wonderful artifact of a compass that leads you to your heart's desire - and then there's that desire of his - in the form of Han Solo's dice. Magic is interwoven with that unforgettable feel we get at watching PotC:AWE :la:
I think the interpretation is quite clear here, but I'd absolutely love to hear your ideas! :eyes::la:

While initially this was planned as a primarily gen scenario, Rey waltzed in as Elizabeth Swann, and me, the dedicated Willizabeth shipper, was once more swept away with all the connotations of a good ole' roguish Jellizabeth :eyes::ahoy:
So one may or may not find a reylo vibe here :D
There's also that scene from PotC: DMC with the wedding gone awry, and I can only wonder who's Rey's fiance here, actually ;p

Star Wars © Lucasfilm & Disney | PotC © Disney | Stock: Digital Texture Artwork 305 & Digital Texture Artwork 262 by mercurycode
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How interesting... :thumbsup: