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Naruto Timeline Sketch



UPD: Read also - the most recent research!

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Arigato :aww:

Yes, right now it only exists in the dubious handwritten form with several psh additions to the whole picture on the issues that worry me the most, which are listed below, but not limited to:

(Dear *Umaken, I'm answering all of your questions (asked in italics here, at least am trying to :blushes: Now you owe me (and the fandom) a thesis about shinobi conception & contraception :XD:)

:bulletred: The timeline begins (zero) with the births of #Densetsu-no-Sannin - Jiraiya, Tsunade & Orochimaru.

:bulletorange: The main purpose of creating this chart - is proving the possiblity of Minato being JiraTsu's offspring :XD:…
However, in the process I discovered many other curiousities.

:bulletyellow: Did you know Konan was aged ~47 when killed by Tobi? :o

:bulletgreen: YES, Orochimaru fled Konoha years AFTER Minato's death. Stated in the article about Hiruzen Sarutobi. proven totally right!

:bulletblue: Generally to get a better understanding of what the hell is going on here I recommend you googling pages about: Mikoto, Itachi and Obito Uchihas and Akasuna no Sasori.
Others are optional and are linked to those mentioned above.

:bulletblack: >>> And I'm curious about how you would decide YamatoAnko question - voilà!
The chart shows it perfectly when Yamato was possibly abducted by Oro, and ~ 12 years later Anko (2 years younger than Yamato) was granted the cursed seal of Heaven - sometime before Oro fled Konoha, but before the massacre.

To me it's still unclear whether Oro used Yamato as a newborn or as a 10-y.o. kid? :o

:bulletpurple: >>> a timeskip between the deaths of Nawaki and Dan - basically, the only issue which can go _against_ the MinaJiraTsu theory - because yes, even in the chart I mark a whole interval of when Dan could have died.

:sherlock: HOWEVER - Tsu could have easily dated Dan to piss off Jiraiya.
After the birth of Minato.

:bulletpink: >>> Tsunade was older then (we can see it by the character design - the hair longer, the different hairdressing, the different clothes) - I still doubt 2nd Shinobi War could go on _that_ long.

Seeing the speed the on-going 4th War is unwinding - I greatly doubt the previous wars were of any difference, meaning they could hardly ever last longer than that very one year.

Next issue, Tsu could have changed her outlook completely after Nawaki's death and/or there were new outfits released for all the shinobi forces. :shrug:
Vague issue is vague :hmm:

:bulletred: >>> Tsunade has left the village when she was no younger than 30 (because she took Shizune as her apprentice, and Shizune is 24 years younger than Tsunade - I doubt she could be an apprentice if she was younger than 7-8) - well, I doubt this, you see even by the chart, where I guess Tsu could have left Konoha as well on the occasion of Kyuubi attack and Minato's death.

Anyways the question on when Tsu left Konoha is open for further exploration, since I found no proof to either of our predictions.

:bulletorange: >>>she has left the village soon after Orochimaru - obviously nope :XD: Oro was too stuck with experiments, you see :)

:bulletyellow: >>>Ame trio were only a few years older than the generation of the rookie's parents - which make them about 38-40 in the manga - even more so. Older than Mikoto & Co, but not so significantly younger than the Sannin.

Again, this issue is open for interpretation, but since Tsu uses the jutsu to look younger, Konan could have done absolutely the same ;)

:bulletgreen: For those, who can read in Russian - visit… (thank you, ~Shan4972!)
There they state that ALL of shinobi wars lasted one year AT MOST.

:bulletblue: A question frequently arising - how old was Minato when appointed Yondaime Hokage? The interval suggests anything in between him being aged 21~28, where I tend to believe in the younger version.

Btw, Gaara was what, 15, when appointed as Kazekage, amirite? ;P
So I see absolutely no problem with Minato becoming Hokage at e.g. 21.

The ultimate mind-blowing narutoverse belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.
I'm just seeking the truth and the lulz :lol:
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I would also like to add that your calculations of when Dan died may be incorrect. The reasons I say this are as follows:

1. Dan was 27 when he died. You definitely have this one right. 
2. Your timeline states that Shizune was born 7 years after Dan died. 
3. Narutopedia states that Shizune was promoted to Chuunin at age 13, meaning that she was AT LEAST 13 years old when she left with Tsunade. We know this because Naruto remains a Genin since he wasn't in the village for a few years, therefore not being able to participate in the Chuunin Exams. She technically could have left later than that because we don't know when she was promoted to Jounin. 
4. Now, this is where things start to get really complicated. If Dan died when you said, Tsunade had to have waited at least TWENTY YEARS after Dan died to leave the village. I don't think that after twenty years she just decided to up and leave the village. Also, if Dan died when you said, Tsunade was only 17 when Dan died. Now, although this could have technically happened, I don't think that a man who is 27 years old would fall in love with a girl who is 17, as this is a shounen series. While this could technically happen, it is highly unlikely.
5. Another reason why my calculations may be correct is because I am almost certain that Tsunade and Shizune met before Dan's death. My reasoning for this is common sense to me, at least. I highly doubt that at least a few years after Dan died, Tsunade just went up to this girl who she had, at most, heard about and tell her to leave the village with her. If your calculations are correct, Shizune never met her uncle and would most likely not leave with someone who was her deceased-uncle's old girlfriend out of the blue. Yeah. Not likely. 
6. Dan mentions that his little sister died in the Nine-Tails' attack against Konoha. Unless he can see into the future, he must have been alive when Naruto was born, unless another massive attack was made on Konoha by the Kyuubi.  
7. Okay, speculation time. What if Dan's little sister that died was actually Shizune's mother? This would explain why we don't know her last name (he would be her uncle on her mother's side). If this were true, Shizune would have had to be born before Dan died. I know what you're thinking: what if he had multiple sisters? This, my friend, is why the above speculation is just that: a speculation. 

I do really like your timeline, and this is the only inaccuracy that I can see on it. Nice job! naruto gif  Tsunade Senju Hehee Naruto gif naruto gif  Bolt Uzumaki naruto gif Sakura Haruno naruto gif  Itachi  Uchiha naruto gif minato namikaze Zombie