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Been a while since I indulged into sweet angsty romance cases. Especially unrelated to any specific projects, just on a whim, and no one would probably believe it if I say I'm currently deeply immersed within the gingerpilot heaven/hell (depending on perspective :XD:) given I'm freely painting kylux rn :lol:

But this is exactly the case, like I've finally reached that stage of being in a fandom, where everything's shippable and nothing hurts.
I like that stage (it's neighbouring the one which signifies the search of a new fandom to commence, though), it's synonymous to a very special inner freedom of expressing oneself - as no visible or imaginary borders are holding you, dictating whats and how-to's. So nice to just let go and indulge into unexpected, and infinitely liberating, uh :heart::la:

Kylo Ren & Armitage Hux from Star Wars © Lucasfilm & Disney (totally OOC? well :dummy:)
Background textures: 36 & 133 by Infrablack-stock

Armitage Hux by solar-sea Kylux Ambitious by solar-sea Generale Hux by solar-sea How many roads must a man walk down by solar-sea Fernweh by solar-sea
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Awesome picture! And love that song XD
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Thank you! And ah, totally gotta re-listen to it :nod:
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Really glorious use of color and lighting here. Well done!
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All thanks to the awesome texture stocks :la: Thank you!
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Love this piece! The brights on the first figure complement the cool blues on the second figure nicely giving a warm light contrast. I adore your style, and believe the top half portion of this piece to be phenomenal, but I think the lower left portion is a bit muddled in terms of color combination and detracts from the good part of the piece. I really like the structure of the faces, subtle use of hashes and strikes to provide a roughness thats actually elegant. The figures' emotions are brought up well with their poses and the overall tone of the lighting, keep it up! : )
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