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Keeper of your heart

Truly what day could be better for posting this one than the Valentine's day? :XD:
My oh so precious crossover of hearts and their keepers: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End + Kuroko no Basuke :heart:
Makoto Hanamiya (oh, sorry, Captain Makoto Hanamiya) as captain Jack Sparrow, Teppei Kiyoshi as Will Turner. 'Cause the Dutchman needs its captain no matter what. And the captain's heart is to be kept safe. And Kiyohana is love :heart:
And the green light will shine its way. And so the dawn will strike.
And the compass - will lead to the truest heart's desire.
And here's to the one killer soundtrack :ahoy: :cd:
Sending shivers down thy spine since 5ever :la:
Created for Kirisaki Daiichi Team at The Rainbow World KnB AU fest :iconlazyrainbowplz:
Seto Kentaro, Furuhashi Kojiro, Hara Kazuya, Yamazaki Hiroshi + Hanamiya Makoto & Kiyoshi Teppei of Kuroko no Basuke © Tadatoshi Fujimaki
Background mixed from: Texture 707 by Sirius-sdz, Texture 83 by Infrablack-stock, Blizzard12015 by carlyartdaily
Prints available: :star: RedBubble | Society6 :star:

You need a teacher by solar-sea Zutara Month - Oceans by solar-sea Who ignites the stars by solar-sea Otayuri - Icarus by solar-sea Wings of Freedom by solar-sea Zutara Week 2014 - Melancholy by solar-sea

:star: :star: :star:
This image is what they call 'gestalt closure' and is thus so much more important than a mere drawing practice - for almost ten years POTC:AWE has been a lingering presence within my imagination, a throughly heart-wrenching (pun intended :XD:) experience that just didn't fit - for all its additional 2 minutes footage with Will coming back after ten years time spent on the Dutchman, for all the whirlpool of drama that transpired during their final battle - it was one huge blistering memory of a painful ending. And the same level of love :heart:

So when the AU fest happened in spring of 2016, and the day themed 'Pirates' was appoaching, and Kiyohana was burning like a hellish wildfire :flame: - it all clicked, eventually setting all the puzzle pieces into place, providing me with the chance to finally let it out - and to indulge in the sweetest Hanamiya's angst in the meanwhile.
They broadcasted :AWE on TV sometime during the fest (OH THE IRONY :la:) which also struck its magic null and void - the acting suddenly seemed so artificial and someplace even empty as compared to those scorching memories of 10 years ago, and the movie suddenly wasn't the epitome of how it should be. Wasn't restricted to angst and drama alone. And what a relief it was, dear Lord! :faint:

Hence this piece completes with a due happy-ending - for the compass leads to where one heart desires, to where the green light shines and the Dutchman emerges, and the deal is so much more than just a safekeeper's promise of one mischievous captain. So much more :heart:
And then the gestalts are closed and it all works out.
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I love your colour palette! :)
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Uhh thank you! This one (the art and the palette chosen for it) is especially dear to me :heart:
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Gladly. I love it. :heart:
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Love the near monotone :)
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 In love with this * screaming *
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:glomp: *joins the screaming* Thank you :D
Infrablack-stock's avatar
Great job, thank you so much for using my texture! :D
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:aww: You're so welcome! :heart: And thank you for creating such inspiring resources! :la:

Awesome! <3
Happy Valentine's day )
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:hug: Спасибо! :aww:
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I had a moment of confusion during which I couldn't understand why those guys looked so much like PotC and still I couldn't recognize them. Then I read the description. The Kanda magic moment is gone. I'm lost again. :XD:

It's nice, though, to see that those films influenced us so much, in a way or another.
AWE is not even close to being my favourite one in the franchise, still I remember it as a pale, stubborn ray of light during what was probably the worst period of my life. Listening to "Up is Down" was one of the very few things that gave me enough strength to stand up in the morning when I felt so alone and purposeless. I listened to "One Day" while having breakfast and it gave me hope that sooner or later something better would have come. So... yeah, it's a fond memory for me, too. It reminds me of crushing feelings but also of pirateful, undying hope. And it's not hard to imagine that so many people have been affected by it all according to their own experiences and fantasies. :aww:

(Also, that "gestalt closure" thing sounds very interesting and I definitely want to know more now...)
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Oh dear :pat: Now I'm really sad the Kanda magic moment is such a rare one with us here ^^;
Because KnB is definitely not that sort of an anime one would absolutely must-watchingly need to get acquainted with anytime soon, ah :nuu: And the gist of the image is revealed exactly in the characters of that show put into the POTC enviroment :sniff:

And which one is your favourite movie then? :eager: :eyes:
AWE left me in a state of such a miserable wreck that for the time being I couldn't bring myself to dare and friggin' rewatch it :lol: Srsly, it was like a huge block and at the same a huge temptation. A contradictory statement when put in written form, I know, but the irony is that it really felt that way :faint:
This is to answer your inquiry about a gestalt closure - I'm not sure I covered it sufficiently, so pray ask for clarification, I ain't on particularly good terms with wordbending today, but try to answer nonetheless ^^;

And omg highfive to you on the music part! :highfive: Zimmer has really done some serious magic there :heart: The pirateful hope is probably the best way to word it :nod: :hug:
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Ah, that's an easy question to answer: the first one. "The Curse of the Black Pearl" owns my heart forever and evah. It encloses a serious amount of my best memories and bright feelings related to them, it officially marked the beginning of one of my most wondrous friendships (though now gone, alas, but what it left to me is still precious) and, well, it just resonated and still resonates with me like few other things. It simply feels like home. :heart:

As for AWE, it's strange, but now that I think about it I probably reevaluated it as I rewatched it during that awful period exactly because it was so tragic and things didn't go exactly as planned and hoped for, definitely not, but at the same time... our heroes find a way to go on, to put their life back together somehow, even though facing undeniable grief and pain, and the pirate's life allows them to find their way in a hostile and dangerous world, even though some of their loved ones are far away, maybe never to be seen again... or maybe, who knows, one day...

(Don't worry for the gestalt closure, I'm already beginning to understand better what we're talking about... but feel free to tell me more about it if you ever feel like doing so! :aww:)

P.S.: Kanda Moments might be rare, but... hey. We'll always have the Orochimaru ones. Or the WT ones. Those who drew us close in the beginning and are still keeping us that way. ;) :glomp:
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