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Each Other - Vice versa

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Oh, finally!
A completed request for ~jennibare - zutara (ftw) based on chapter 28 of Each Other.
Katara as Fire Nation, Zuko as Water Tribe :D

"I can't believe you're really here," she breathed, her hand instinctively on her necklace, rubbing the charm as if all this would be a dream and she would soon wake up.
He approached her and gently placed his large warm hands on her hips leaning his forehead against hers.

Zuko & Katara © Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko
Sketched it long ago, so probably, if asked to draw the scene today, I'd have made it totally different. Such fiction deserves moar fanarts, anyways :)

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They almost look like Ursa and Hakoda, hummmmmm that would be an interesting pairing.
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Love Katara's clothes ^^
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Daaaaaannngg zuko look good in water nation clothing lol
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OMG I'm so glad u made a pic out of one of my fav fics! It's beautiful! Have I told you that you are one of my favorite Zutarian artists? yeah.
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OMG that's awesome! Really. Matches with the fanfic that is one of the best zutara fics I've read. I just love Zuko's water tribe style. After so many years living there he truly became a water tribe man
shellandshilo's avatar
Your paints and colours are like nothing I have ever seen before just gorgeous.
jess2kool's avatar
Zuko looks hot in blue! Beautiful!!
foldedflowers's avatar
This is lovely. The bold, bright lines and vibrant colours really make your subject come to life! :D
SeraphimEarl's avatar
I definitely like Zuko's hair in this ^^
Especially the braid on the side ^^
Shippo3313's avatar
are yu taking any requests? i need a picture for my story True love ( you can find it on my gallery) and i really want something.
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nice but zuko looks funny in blue
xEmoMuffinx's avatar
Interesting concept XD
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this is really new... but I like it!! :D
Although, I prefer Zuko as Fire Nation and Katara as Water Tribe C:
and Great work as always :D
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gorgeous colors
SnoopyGirl213's avatar
I love how you switched the nations
creepella's avatar
Really nice colors but I don't know if blue suits Zuko :XD:
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Oh. My. God. This. Just. aasdfghjk No words. A million times "thank you." My third favorite scene too. (you already did number 2.) :worship:

I am honored that you did this. The braids, the WT clothing, that they even look like the grown ups they are. You are just so awesome.

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wow, i really like your way of drawing it. the details, colors, lighting. and dang, Zuko is really badass on this one i'm gonna go :headbang: wait, i noticed something, isn't that zuko's left ear also burned?
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still not a big fan of the zutara idea, but that doesnt stop this from being amazing CX
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Zuko in water tribe equals win
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Since Katara is in the Fire Nation here, shouldn't her choker be red? That's the only thing that popped out at me.

This is very lovely. I might have to check out that story.
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