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I recently started watching Moomin and I immediately fell in love  :')
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what channel? also love your style.

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best friends they are 
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They are too cute!!!!
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Hmmm. Second Moomin I habe stumbled across today so maybe I should take a look.
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This is the cutest thing! You drew them so well, I love the eyes! You should draw Moomins more often
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its such a feel good show!! i love how you captured these two!
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I've noticed a lot of my Tumblr mutuals are getting into Moomin.  Makes we wonder if I should check it out...
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Hey =)
I would like to ask you to use your pictures from the Moomin at this homepage:
It is what we call a "Trading Card Game", where you can collect different cards of different themes and master them. Rest assured - it is a small non-profit-game and 100% just for fun.

As we have also the section "Artworks" we would like to add a cardset with Moomin and i would use the one picture for the set . (but of course only with your permission!)

I also give you an example of two other cardsets (as you can see the credit will be given!):

Thanks in advance, even if you do not agree, I would be happy to receive a reply.

Best Regards,
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Furi-kun's avatar times of childhood
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