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The latest installment in my constant search to make art that looks like your NES barfed.

This is a fully tiling pattern, macro-structure is meh-visible.

I made this for my twitter background. I am really inspired by the screens that come up when you bump a cartridge game and it freezes. It's like looking at a game from the inside out. I also am huge fan of neon-rainbow color schemes. It's my inner raver.

Feel free to use this wherever, just not commercially. If you use it let me know, I'd love to see it.
There is no reason for the title.

:iconchailette: asked me what game I could possibly been playing that this is what happened when it glitched, and I said it was probably "Mario's Drag Revue," which might possibly be the best game that never was.
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Texture used here: [link]
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[link] I love this texture! I'll be using it more thats fersher.
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Lmao dude I love this
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This is still probably my favorite. I'm over the wall scroll thing now. This should be a twenty foot high stained glass window in the Church of Extreme Rocking.
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This is the window they have the confetti cannons and laser spinners next to. Every time Rev. Ninja gives a "HALLELUJAH" they set them off, so you're almost blinded by all the sparkle.

Also, occasionally, this one chick totally does that Jesus Christ move from Tony Hawk 2 mid-air in front of this window while performing the guitar solo from "Let it Be" naked.

But only like on easter.

...She's a good kid.
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