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I saw a two-legged dog once. The owner had backed over it with the car and crushed the behind-legs, so she rectified it by putting it's back end on wheels. It was like an eternal game of wheelbarrows for that lil' fella.

Also, lies. Your hair isn't *that* long.
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No, I totally looked like that. This ID is old. I sheared off all my hair in this samson-delilah-breakup thing.

I think if I'm going to have an amputee dog, I don't want one of those wheelchair ones. Like, what the hell? It's like they don't even have to work for it.

IT'S SO WEIRD that I inadvertently pointed you to the ONE PLACE on the interwebs I have EVAR mentioned this 3-legged dog thing. You must think I just go around telling every girl about my animal abuse fantasies.
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Oh, I was already convinced that was your go-to pickup line. "I bet you mention maiming animals to *all* the girls!"
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Huh. Never thought of it that way. I don't think that's related. You have to have actually either HAD the limb at one point, or were SUPPOSED to have it at one point.


like 3-legged dogs. I really like 3-legged dogs. 2-legged's even better.
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Actually, I think I like the real you better than an angry amputee raver. You didn't even make the fantasy-you smiling, which is a must for all Before/After type comparisons.
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He's expressing his rage towards the consumerist system. Can't you tell? :shakefist:

Heh... I forgot to put a note about his missing arm. I dunno. I just like missing arms.
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I guess that explains the fish and snake fetish.
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