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Lines by :iconkidnotorious: [link]

Hoo-boy. Sometimes it's good to just to work in lo-res just to get it all done quickly. I can't begin to imagine to hours this would've taken me at 300dpi.

I saw the new film and basically have been on a Batman kick ever since, much like the rest of America. Saw this image and HAD to HAD to HAD TO color it.

Plus, I love the idea of Harley Quinn these days more than ever. (Altho, a Harley in Love with THAT Joker is a very different Harley)

I did this to 'relax' from coloring a bigger, more personal work. I wanted this image to be rough, gritty, experimental, tragic, and push all my limits at the same time. No pressure. But it... eh... it looks good, no?

The playing cards and stencils are images from old DC comics I found via Google here:

EDIT: OMFG Thank you everybody for your praise/pageviews! 1,000+ views, 100+ favs.
If I've learned anything serious from this work it's that I need to produce more so that I have more of this caliber to show in my gallery.
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OMG this is so AWESOMW!!1!!!!!!!! do you mind me borrowing it for a video im making???
i will of course credit you in the deskription
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Very different from all the rest, I love it.
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: D
This is awesome!!
The coloring is so brilliant!
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This is the best coloring job of this picture, period. Not only is your coloring good, but you added your own twist with the cards. Nice touch!
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O____o Omg That's so cool :D
I really like the way you coloured this on, and those joker cards also add a nice touch to this pic :D
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Oh my. D: I can't even put into words how much I love this. Especially the cards. And the handprint on Harley's face.
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love it.
i also enjoy wondering who's more mad: the psychopathic Joker, or the one who could actually fall in love with him.

very wonderful work!
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I think that is at the core of why everyone loves Harley.
Great take.
I like the added cards and background.
Nice touch.
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Very well done!!!
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Holy Jebus! beautiful!
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you're the first person to ever RANDOMLY notice me. I guess I should do more batman stuff...
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