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The Epic Saga of SAINT JOE

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Ok: This doesn't make sense by itself, so let me explain.

This was a experiment in improv comics between me and :iconchailette:

The deal was as follows:
Each of us would do just few panels (over just one day in theory) and then send the file to the next person. That person would add a few more panels, and was free to go back over the preceding panels to smooth it out and make it all match, just not totally re-do them.

I think we each had 3 turns with this project.
YOu can pretty much tell whose panels were whose: Hint: Chailette can draw, I can't.

Soooo.... :paranoid:
In the end, what we got was something completely unexpected, and arguably nonsensical, but we learned SO MUCH in the process. About our strengths, how we see things differently and how we can work together. And that sometimes, you just need to DO A THING.

It's helped a lot in our further collaborations, and maybe one of these days we'll get off our butts and do another one.
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This is an interesting idea....not unlike some of the collaborations I do called exquisite corpses, where one artist draws half the panel....covers it except for a one inch strip and then mails it through the US postal service to the 2nd artist...who finishes the work...
I like this strip you all have made here, will we see more of them?