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When the blood of the moon is thick with heroin, then I will see you again.  
Riding on the back of a spider and passing as sand through time;
I feel so sacred tonight with the falling sunlight.  
A summer rose's wet kiss is reminiscent of lotus-petal envy as we toast the death of the child with a carcinogenic tonic.
Let's raise our glass of smoke to the old way with which I spoke.  When the tears fall all around, the splashing knocks the stars upside down.  
I've never seen anything as beautiful as sin.  Look at her skin and speak of the devil.  
What's there to lose but your soul?  And if you lose that, it was never yours to begin with.
Let's surrender to the drunken night, give the neighbours a terrible fright.
Let's dance in our skin and speak of the devil.
Let's dance in our sin and speak of the devil.
Let's dance around and speak of the devil.
A song about my 18th birthday party.
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September 21, 2007
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