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I've Become A Gengar?!

I've Become A Gengar!? by Sol-Lar-Bink, visual art

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My Bio

Hey there! I'm Harry. Aspiring artist and hopefully someday a story teller.

Not very social, I like to keep to myself, so sorry that I won't respond to most of you.

I love to create stories in my head and craft worlds and wonders for my plethora of OCs to experience, and hopefully you too!

You'll mostly find Pokemon and Hollow Knight art from me.

I do dabble into a few other franchises and some original content, but if you love the Pokemon World or the deep depths of Hallownest, you've come to the right place!

Eventually I'd like to start getting into animation and comics, small or big. I also have a huge backlog of art I'm going through-


I've started my own Pokemon fancomic called 'Pokemon World Guardian'!

Check it out here! >> World Guardian Comic <<

It's currently in Hiatus


My main Pokesona is a brown, pale Uxie (Also comes in Marshadow and Hoopa flavors) And Harrold is my sort of Hollow Knight sona- but he's definitely become more of an OC now.

I have a bunch of OCs, and I love to design characters~

My username is a combination of 3 of my most important ocs, to show a kind of personal evolution through the years.

I do draw anthros and NSFW material, but they won't be posted here on DeviantArt.

I'd prefer if you didn't follow me due to my previous accounts here.

You will be severely disappointed.

Visit my tumblr here!


12/02/2015: Username changed from 'Latiar' to 'Sol-Uxie'

10/08/2015: Username changed from 'Sol-Uxie' to 'Sol-Latiar'

01/01/2017: Username changed from 'Sol-Latiar' to 'Sol-Lar-Bink' <hr>

Trades to do: Not accepting any at this time

Favourite Movies
Mainly anime movies, or 2D/3D animations
Favourite TV Shows
Don't really watch TV anymore, youtube is my source of entertainment
Favourite Books
Pokemon Manga
Favourite Games
Pokemon, Hollow Knight, Sonic, Halo + Most of Nintendo
Favourite Gaming Platform
Switch, Gamecube and Xbox One
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Intuos Comic Tablet, Paint Tool Sai 2 and Photoshop Elements
Already aware not many will see this buuuuuuuut update I guess? How ya'll doing? Still using this crusty website? Honestly wish there was a better artsite out there haha. Anyway I know I'm not as active now, but uuuuh I've got a few things to say project wise. 🔶Just uploaded my last desktop wallpaper for 'Hallownest Tourguide' so I'll be hoping to draw some new locations from scratch now. Will most likely be tackling Dirtmouth, Crystal Peaks aaaand... maybe the Royal waterways? Or Infected Crossroads. No clue when I'll start but oh well (: 🔶Haven't even touched my 'Hunters Journal' project either. I think cos I was stuck with Grimm and not liking any of the sketches I did it just super put me off. 🔶I'd still like to do a few Pokemon 20th Anniversary redraws + do a few of the newer mythical mons. NO Guarantees for this, but I've had ideas for redrawing Mew, and a pic for Zeraora and Melmetal + Meltan. 🔶Bug Fables stuff... ehhh no clue when I'll actually do more 😂I hate my mood
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I need to know this now but HOW many of you active users have to deal with constant bugs and issues with DeviantArt? Cos it literally never ends for me.
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So I just beat Metroid Dread and.... HO LY HELL I AM MIND BLOWN Absolutely loved it
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Sooo... about Maple, Yua, and Dillon, AKA the lakesprits I've missed from you...

I'm at the point where I'm trying to finish doing the lake guardian OCs I've missed. I know, Maple and Yua were kinda missed on purpose, and Idk if Dillon actually has a design, but...

Could I, by any chance, do those three?

Huh, alright.


Idk if I'm able to link the source of the image, tbh. Lol.

You cannot (:

Let him be a mystery

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Also, he looks a lot like your Pokésona, although the differences are pretty obvious.

My curiosity's gotten to extreme heights now. I know everyone else has their own interpretations of the whole thing, but...

How could there be multiple Mesprits, Azelfs, and Uxies coexisting at the same time, in the same universe?

In myyyy thought process, multiple of most legends can exist unless is something like a deity/ Box art legend (aka Groudon, Kyogre, Rehiram etc)

Like how there's many celebi's, many shaymins, its safe to say that some legends and mythicals have more of their species around.

Depends how you like to view things, if you wanna believe only one of each legend/ mythical can exist, then thats the end. If you wanna think there's multiple, you just make the OCs not as impactful as the original Lake Trio. Tie them to some other mystical fate so its not the war of the 1000 red chains sdfghjk