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Hiatus till April
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Uxiesona by Sol-Lar-Bink, visual art

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My Bio

Hey there! I'm Harry. Aspiring artist and hopefully someday a story teller.

I love to create stories in my head and craft worlds and wonders for my plethora of OCs to experience, and hopefully you too!

You'll mostly find Pokemon and Hollow Knight art from me.

I do dabble into a few other franchises and some original content, but if you love the Pokemon World or the deep depths of Hallownest, you've come to the right place!

Eventually I'd like to start getting into animation and comics, small or big. I also have a huge backlog of art I'm going through-


I've started my own Pokemon fancomic called 'Pokemon World Guardian'!

Check it out here! >> World Guardian Comic <<

It's currently in Hiatus


My main Pokesona is a brown, pale Uxie (Also comes in Marshadow and Hoopa flavors) And Harrold is my sort of Hollow Knight sona- but he's definitely become more of an OC.

I have a bunch of OCs, and I love to design characters~

My username is 3 of my moat important ocs combined into one name, to show a kind of personal evolution through the years.

I do draw anthros and NSFW material, but they won't be posted here on DeviantArt.

I'd prefer if you didn't follow me due to my previous accounts here.

You will be severely disappointed.

Visit my tumblr here!


12/02/2015: Username changed from 'Latiar' to 'Sol-Uxie'

10/08/2015: Username changed from 'Sol-Uxie' to 'Sol-Latiar'

01/01/2017: Username changed from 'Sol-Latiar' to 'Sol-Lar-Bink' <hr>

Trades to do: Not accepting any at this time

Favourite Movies
Mainly anime movies, or 2D/3D animations
Favourite TV Shows
Don't really watch TV anymore, youtube is my source of entertainment
Favourite Books
Pokemon Manga
Favourite Games
Pokemon, Hollow Knight, Sonic, Halo + Most of Nintendo
Favourite Gaming Platform
Switch, Gamecube and Xbox One
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Intuos Comic Tablet, Paint Tool Sai 2 and Photoshop Elements
Other Interests
Creating/ thinking of stories, characters, and animation. Scenery aaand food~
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Hiatus is almost overrrr. I've completed my side for the HollowedKingdoms DnD project so now... I can focus on my own things again. It's gonna feel weird not doing much else for them but it's been a successful run, and I'm happy with what I've accomplished! That being said- I'll be taking the next 2 weeks off, hereby extending my hiatus till mid april, aka the 15th. So I'll still be quiet, quietly drawing in the background or just chilling and playing games for the time being. I am feeling better at least, maybe not 100% but it's close enough. I'm not gonna dive back into projects straight away either, just expect some random things to pop up. With that being said, I'll see ya'll on the 15th. Take care~ Might try to post something in between but we'll see!
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Just finished watching 'Wonder Egg Priority' I... I need more- please. That was a damn good anime.
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Doesn't matter too much here but wanted to let some peeps know I'm taking a good proper break from online stuff. At most I'll be on Discord with a select few peeps. I plan to take a break till April or the end of March. Few reasons + I need to catch up on art, get this project done so i can focus on my stuff. You can probably tell I haven't been drawing much for DA lately, its all been focus on the DnD project. At most you will see me faving pics, I don't wanna come back to an overflowing inbox, so every monday (like today) I will come to empty my inbox. Hoping to have something new to post once I'm back, we'll see. Hope 2021 treats you ok o /
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hey i have a question to ask

Please don't post links

She has no name

Currently she's simply a Pale Petal Lurantis

oh ok and also i am very sorry but do you have a pic of selane cause i can't find one

hey um whats the name of that mesprit oc thats a pirate