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Practice the Three Cs by Sol-Caninus, literature

Control Book - Introduction by Sol-Caninus, literature

QUICK PICKS by Sol-Caninus, literature

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My Childrens Judo Class

In 1969, at age fifteen, while still recovering from the last in a series of operations on my leg for post-polio effects, I got my mother to drive me to CHARLTON Publishing Co. in Derby, Connecticut. There I showed my portfolio to the late George Wildman

who offered me an entry-level position. The perks: learn from the best ("on your own time").

This was near the end of Charlton's hay days. They had Giordano, Ditko, Boyette and a bunch of other great guys (like Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez). But my mother said, "No!" (About 35 years later when I asked her why she wasted everyone's time bringing me to the interview if she had no intention of letting me work, she said, "I never imagined anyone would take you seriously." )

After that I got into wrestling and martial arts, motorcycles and girls, continued my education through graduate school, then started work in a "serious" profession. Nevertheless; in the mid 80s, I took a half-time position so I could write fiction and do a full time stint at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and Fleischer Art Memorial. But, when push came to shove, I returned full time to Human Service and Psychology.

Some years back, I wiped the slate clean and decided to start over - to pick up where I'd left off as a teenager - to do graphic novels, or bust. That's where I am, now - BUSTED. . . BIG TIME! Nowhere to go from here, except up!


Current Residence: Mt. Effort, (What an appropriate name!) Pennsylvania

deviantWEAR sizing preference: Loose, so, large

Favourite style of art: Scientific Illustration, Comic Book Illo, Genre Fiction Writing, Technical Writing

Personal Quote: 'From my weakness I drew strength that never left me.' - paraphrased from Borges

Tools of the Trade
Switched over to Digital end of April 2015 and haven't looked back
Other Interests
Animals of all kinds. Plants, not so much, but I'm learning to give them benefit of the doubt.
This is an update on the Cintiq dilemma. A month ago I found a reference to Ian Tompkins, "the Cintiq Guy." It came originally from Reddit, from which I was able to find Ian's Youtube channel. He has his email address posted in the video descriptions, so I was able to write him. Unfortunately, my emails kept coming back marked "undeliverable" and "address does not exist." I thought the worst of it, until I took pains to discover that I'd been copying the address with errors. Can you believe it? You get old and your brain starts to rot. Lol. Anyway, after a month of this I FINALLY figured out what I had been doing wrong, got it right, and am now awaiting Ian's reply. From information he gives at his channel I take it he has a flourishing business and would appreciate we spread the word. So if you find yourself in a predicament similar to mine, or know anyone else with Cintiq problems that Wacom won't address, contact Ian. While he's working on a website, it's a slow
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The 27" QHD Touch Cintiq was touted as Wacom's Flagship model. I got mine December of 2016, barely five years ago. Paid three thousand for it, plus another five hundred for the ergo stand. On August 24th this year the screen stopped working. Wacom diagnosed it as a hardware problem (probably a faulty capacitor). The company says they can't repair it, but will discount the purchase of a current Cintiq product by 5%. I'm aghast. I found some Youtube tutorials on switching out Cintiq capacitors. It's fairly simple. If I can't find someone experienced in electronics and skilled with a heat gun/soldering iron, I might give it a go, myself. Nothing to lose. ______________________________ UPDATE 8 September: I thought owners of Wacom products should know a little more about all this. For example, that Wacom was fixing this problem by replacing the entire display panel, instead of just the one faulty component on it, and charging a whopping 850 dollars. The capacitors likely
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Over the Hill

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Bicycled up both sides of the big hill, yesterday. Holding the line at once a week. So, mission accomplished. (And body weight is up - almost another five pounds! )
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Home, Watch, Post.

I found your page following that path. Specifically, "To Mark the Occasion", posted 3 days ago.

OMG. Just saw this now. Forgive me for not responding sooner. I am only now beginning to spend a little more time here - and still having to force myself to do it.

Please Sol, don't worry about.

You know I like this time-suspension effect produced by online environments. Reminds me the timeless dialog we all have with figures like Plato, Moebius, John Norman and Sun Tzu. Except that it is an improved version of that, since here answers do come from outside our minds too, some now and them.

This will be a very 'unique' end of year (I strongly hope so). How are you hanging on, friend?

Haha. I like your model - it is an improved version.

Me? Hanging on by a thread. LOL. Life stable and well managed, almost boring. Then, sh*t hit the fan. Body broke down, car broke down, chaos ensued. Now the task is to seize opportunity in the midst of crisis (a work in progress)! And how about you?

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ive been meaning to create a "cheat Sheet" to keep above my desk when creating comic pages your mention of the 180 degree rule the other day made me go ahead and create the list (which ive posted )take a look at it if you will and if see if you think of anything to add.
There are so many things to consider that I keep it limited to principles.  But before one can USE principles, he has to fully explore the ten thousand things.  I'm laboring through that transition, now.  One thing I can say is that there is no clear distinction between panel comp and page layout.  The two are interdependent, so one has to advance in both, equally - turning attention back and forth, using one to condition the other.  My advice would be master the panel to master the page, but - well - you see how long that's taking me.  Just understand that when the crits come, they aim at what you're not good at, not focused on, not interested in.  So, get in the habit of circulating through the skills, measuring one against another and not letting strengths get too far ahead of weakness.  Turn weakness into strength.  Looking at your progress, I'd say you're on the right track.
Bubble Mage by BubbleDriver emoticon Bubble by BubbleDriver Salutations ! Just dropping by to say stay strong in these tough times and being awesome !!!! Have a wonderful day !!!! emoticon Bubble by BubbleDriver