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Black Angel

Weel, nothing special, just doing my work the best I could ;)

I called it just 'black angel' but this pic is something more... The angel has raven's wings, that's a symbol.
She is the Guardian of Secrets. Also those that cannot be knowed.

used medias: aquarel, crayons, watercolors, dry chalks, pencil, corrector, acrylic colors, black marker, black pen, decoratory gloss, ink...

Fuck, when I look at fullview I wonder how could I make such a perfect-detailed picture ;p
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This is so beautiful!!
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Sooo beautiful*.* :heart:
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hey! this is fantastic!
special yes!

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:salute: Very detailed reminds me of someone and home; very in love with this you ever heard of Neshafer or Marina? For years been trying to capture same images as you only never could get them on paper.
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Shes the whitest black fantasy creature i have seen :p
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The shadowed winds will wisp your name into the netherlands wretched soul
Have you forgotten the grace of one who knows you by name?
The identity of your soul belongs to me now
Vanity has led you to the abyss of your own indecisions
Now steer a direction of searing darkness
Your steel heart has lead you to such a black fate
I will deliver you to the one they call The Fallen
In the meantime remember what shall be etched into your eternity
Your freedom has fled from you leaving you into a pathway I'd like to call
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wow this is awesome :)
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A totally amazing pic, makes me kinda glad that I'm into searching random things ;D *this pic becomes his first in favourites*
At 1st look thought was photoshop image, enlarged looking at all the details trying to figure out where one media starts and another ends, very talented and impressive
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Wow this is really good^^
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wow it is so beautiful! I love the detail so much :) I especially love the wings
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thats beautiful. i love all the medias that you used. so amazing
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i love the background. it really ties everything together creating a beautifully executed finished look. haha...confusing sentence.
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Gerald Brom must have been a big inspirationm for this piece, am I right?...>_<
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Reminds me alot of my favorite painting by Brom...Dark Wing. I love it.
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wow amasing drawing ;)
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it reminds me of a painting by luis royo :D
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Nothing special?? I hate'chu! ;P Excellent work.
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Featured here:


feel free to visit, but there is no obligation:)
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Gorgeous. Simply Gorgeous. Honestly gives me some really good references for designing my next tattoo =D

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tattoo, wow! let me know when you'll get it :)
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