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The Sun Is Tired

It must'd been quite a burden for young Celestia to perform her duties...
Well, this is for :iconkeinzantezuken:. He caught my kiriban almost four months ago, and I couldn't fulfill his request... So, have Celestia insted. I'm really sorry, but I just can't draw what others want sometimes...
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One has a gentle and calm feeling Huggle! ,

but it is exquisite beauty. :D (Big Grin) 
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This is so pretty, I love your shading! :D
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Very beautiful! kawaii ^_^
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She seems 18 to 20. Nice filly. :-)
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AWWW... poor Celly. 
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Cute, pretty, beautiful. Spot on, mate ;) 

I'm going to add you to my watchlist, now. :) 
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Thanks! I consider this to be my best work so far
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This looks amazing :iconasdfghplz:
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thanks. I consider this my best work so far
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I luv celestia as an filly.
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Well, that's it.

Time to add you to my watchlist.
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This art is just beautiful!
A like her pose and coloring - it's so... soft.
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That's what I aimed for :)
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I like young celestia with strait mane better.
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I think I've fainted. THE SUN- is tired. D:
aww she looks sad, but lovely pic regardless.
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Celestia looks more like recolored Luna here.
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It is my headcanon of a younger Celestia. I like her mane this way more than the ethereal multicolored one.
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What is headcanon? Never heared of this term befor. And if you take my original comment is a critique - it's not. Actually, this pic is one of the few that i can look at and don't get goosebumps. Because Celestia almost everywhere else is a creep!
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Headcanon is one's rules regarding something that is not canon. Or something like that.
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