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Yesterday I was asked to do a livestream. I asked for an idea, and someone suggested Sweetie Belle, eating spaghetti in the sunset. But she was so lonely that I decided to add Scootaloo there :P and now the scene is more like a romantic dinner, I guess...
The records of the painting process can be found here [link] (skip the first 5 minutes) and here [link] (the reason I divided it into two parts is because SAI crashed in the middle).
Gosh it's still so hard for me to paint white objects AAAARGHHHH!
Oh, and check out this! [link] A wonderful story by :icontrinson:
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That's so cute... They're so beautiful...
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noone can resist *Fistpumps* Scootalo
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Is this a ScootaBelle pairing? I love ScootaBelle... Anyway, this is cute and awesome!
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Wait a second...

...Celestia would be an obvious exception, but...

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LOL ScootaBelle, love this pic, looks like an anime.
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...Green magik?
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The unicorn's magic color usually matches his or her eye color.
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You should do one of Sweetie doing the Sweetie-Scoot. thats always adorable!
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I hope she made lotsa spaghetti!
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And yes I know thats not a plz account
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It looks like Only Scootaloo realizes it's a date... the thought of any further backstory makes me chuckle.
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I thought the same thing. From the way Sweetie Belle is leaning away, it looks like the affections might not be mutual. :)
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Yeah, it is really funny that way :P
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Scootaloo's face just got me there.
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Scootaloo looks admiring the view as Sweetie Belle slurps in a long spaghetti noodle. Her eyes focus in closely to her small pink lips as the noodle gently glides by. She turns away lifting her hoof up to her mouth and slightly blushes at the though of those lucky noodles. Then a spark of an idea crosses her mind.

Scootaloo - "So the other day I saw this cartoon from Fluttershy's collection called 'Lady and the Tramp'."

Sweetie Belle continues to slurp her noodles as she turns her attention towards Scootallo. This causes Scootaloo's heart to skip a beat for a moment making her studder.

Scootaloo - "a.and... umm... in the movie the Lady and the Tramp are both eating spaghetti."

Sweetie Belle does not skip a beat enjoying her spaghetti as she makes a small nod and mumbles out a soft "MmHmm", making Scootaloo's wings ruffle at her cute voice.

Scootaloo - "They both.. umm... they both are eating the pasta and end up eating the same noodle." Scootaloo notices Sweetie Belle's big bright eyes as she looks at her, "aaand they both did not realize and.... and they kissed." She quickly turns away blushing, overwhelmed with the though as she quickens her words. "Hehe, kinda silly. Just thought of that cause of the spaghetti. Hehe!"

Scootaloo hears Sweetie Belle put her fork down. She turns to see her lifting a long spaghetti strand in the air with her magic. Her heart starts to race with the thought that she is going to do it. That they will do what she saw in the movie. Sweetie Belle turns with the floating strand between them. She lowers her eye seductively as her lips form a gentle smile. "So Scootaloo." Scootaloo gulps, her heart about to burst out her chest. "I am the lady?" Scoots little heart can't take much more as she nods in reply. "Then..... are you saying your a Tramp." Sweetie Belle quickly turn and slurps the big noodle down with a mischievous giggle.

Scootaloo's heart brakes at the failure. She lays her head in her hooves on the table. "No... that's not what I..... Oh never mind." She lays her head there in frustration and slight embarrassment. Then suddenly she feel the soft warm touch of two gentle lips on her cheek. She lifts her head up to see Sweetie Belle smiling at her.

"If you wanted a kiss. You should have just said so." Scootaloo's wing fly up uncontrollably at how cute Sweetie Belle was. Her face goes red as Sweetie Belle giggles from the sight. She pushes the plate of spaghetti closer to Scootaloo who looks down at it. "Here have some." Scootaloo looks up at Sweetie Belle who gives her a little wink. "Who knows. Maybe you'll find that lucky noodle."


Sweetie Belle looks very cute, focusing so much on that spaghetti. :D
Scootaloo has that naughty look like she is really saying something like, "So wanna kiss?" or "Hey Baby! Come to this table often." with a bit of eyebrow wiggle ;P . If she was a boy I am sure it would be a bad noodle related comment. That's how she looks in the picture.

This is a great picture. It looks wonderful. Great shadow affect from the setting sun. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing this. :D
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...A mini-fanfic? On DA? I like this concept...
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naw, not really a fan fic writer type. I am just the type that gets inspired by art and tries to tell the story that the art is telling me.

So really I am only telling the story Sokolas put in my head. :D
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...A short story on DA? I approve of this idea.
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Oh, my!.. That was a great read :P
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