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30 Minute Challenge: Kiss

The theme was simply "kiss". Took me 45 minutes, and a few more after I submitted it to remove an annoying bit of hair and add the freckles I forgot.
I think the way I drew this is more suitable for the challenge than my previous attempts; but I still don't have enough time to stop and look at the drawing for possible mistakes. You know, I have to "reset my mind" to actually notice the glitches in my own works...
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Awkward! poor RD and BonBon
idislikecake's avatar
*Poor Rarity and Bonbon!
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FOOL! AJ and rarity hate each other. they could never love each other.
RD and AJ are the perfect match. they even spend the most time with each other in the series.
idislikecake's avatar
None of the characters "hate" each other, if they did, they wouldn't be friends. AJ and RD are also going up againt each other, trying to see which of the two is tougher.
MonotonyArt's avatar
well yes, but they have similar interests.
AJ and Rarity are too different for a true relationship.
idislikecake's avatar
I follow opposites attract.
MonotonyArt's avatar
you really think they are a better pair than AJ and RD? I don't get it... plus, I dislike Rarity. too snooty and perfect.
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Yeah, I hate rarity too, but I like the ship. I'm kinda weird like that.
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With shipping pandemic that's going on now they will get themselves something to do pretty soon. Poor little equines, i suspect they're pretty tired of this already.
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Elaborate please, i don't belive i quite understand you.
MonotonyArt's avatar
Sometimes sipping is a bit too unrealistic, thats all.
Necroant's avatar
Shipping is always a bit too unrealistic. And sometimes it's absurdly unrealistic.
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:iconmlpbonbonplz::iconsaysplz:Applejack, have you seen Ly...
LordDivinity's avatar
lyra thats not a human! stop!!! stahp!!!
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AJ-" ly....watchu
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Well, this was an interesting, new ship!
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I really like AJ's face expression. :)
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There's definitely something wrong going on with me. Since you posted this: [link] , I slowly started to enjoy this kind of things and now...

When I look at this drawing, I see that kiss literally. I see their tongues rubbing each other and changing their...
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It must be some sort of Applejack's sexy aura... I can't explain it.
AstralFoxArt's avatar
Oh, I clicked enter (how was that even possible...?).
Oh well...
That's a drawing I really enjoyed looking at! It feels like Lyra has the most fun of this kiss and she really likes it. I like their eyes and shading on their faces - those elements look very natural. It would be nice to see more kissing ponies from you in the future as you draw them very well.
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