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Leliana from Dragon Age: Origins.
I've allways had in mind to draw something from Dragon Age, it's one of my favorite RPG.
However, I'm not quite pleased with this, something bugs me. I think it's the colors or that creepy look in her eyes. But whatever.
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awesome work dude o.o really cool! :D
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Liker fargevalget, personlig er jeg egentlig ikke så stor fan av såpass mørke farger, men jeg syns du får det til å fungere bra. Vet ikke helt med skyggelegginga på magepartiet der da, og måten det er gjort på matcher ikke resten av skyggelegginga helt liksom.
Liker veldig godt fargene på håret da, den kraftige lys mørk kontrasten skaper en fin blank effekt.
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Ja. På magen skulle jeg egentlig tegne noen teksturer sånn at det ser ut som en rustning, men jeg var litt for lat til det. Prøvde å gjøre det opp med fargeleggingen, men det gikk ikke så bra, hahah.
Men tusen takk for kommentaren :)
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Cell shading is one difficult technique to my mind since you always have to be careful in where placing the angles of the darker tones. However, I find your job pretty neat and great and you know that I rarely tried this way of coloring. I can tell she's kind of moody by looking at her face, or rather... unexpressive (it's not a critique at all, just a feeling I get xD). Possibly, if you don't really like her face, it's becuse of the distance between nose and mouth, which looks slightly long (maybe :D but there are people who look like this, so if she doesn't necessarily reflects the canons of beauty, it's not important).
Btw, I like the details on her clothes and the backgrounds with feathers is cool.
I like this ;)
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Yeah, I think you have right about her face. I should have fixed it. But whatever, it's not that much of a big deal. But I'm glad you like it, I'm not sure if you are familiar with Dragon Age? It's the only RPG game I've played that can compete with Golden sun haha. But the sequel, Dragon Age 2, was a letdown, sorta like Dark Dawn.
Anways, thanks for the comment as allways, FelixEarth :)
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i think it looks fine, not perfect but pretty good.

not very convinced about the face though, probably because of what you said.

here's a close-up image if you wanna do it better: [link]

it'll help you out i'm sure.

also i'll never get tired of saying but she looks So much better in the trailer than in the game(oposite to Morrigan).

i still love her(she wouldn't be my avatar if i didn't), but i wish she looked like she did in the trailer :(

and yeah there are mods, but something about them, just weird.
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Yes, I don't like her face. But thanks for the link!
And I agree about Leliana in the game. I saw the trailer after I beat the game, I was a bit mindblown then hahhah. I'm on a second playtrough now, and I have downloaded new skins for all the companions, except for Alistair. Leliana look much more like the trailer version, but as you said, they are a bit off, I feel her shoulders is to large, it makes her head seem small lol. But Sten' new skin is awesome.

But thanks for the comment! I wan't to draw more DA fanart, it's such a fantastic game.
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you're welcome.

and yeah, i don't know what it is about her being modded, but it's just that.... it's too OBVIOUS that her face is a mod(when you mod her, obviously), she has facial features that no else has, which breaks my immersion, and that's a huge deal in RPGs(at least for me).

i shall be following you then, i'd love to see more and i'm sure many will.
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True, immersion is the most importan RPG. When I play trough Origins I have to be the exact same character as allways, same skin and origin. Or else It doesn't feel like I'm playing my own character.
But thanks for the watch!
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I love your shading on this! :D It's fantastic!
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Glad to hear that, the shading was tricky!
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good Congratulations
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good Congratulations
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Dragon Age, huh never played it. Looks like Golden Axe
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I really dig the style. Very anime inspired and it looks awesome! Great use of simpler shapes to make complex armor pieces!
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I like the mode in this one :)
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Do Morrigan next!
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