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Birthday cake 2019
For my birthday this year I tried to recreate a cake made by my friend Solar-Paragon in a sketch pack found here. (I admit the whipped frosting may not have been the best choice but what can ya do.)
The bottom tier is a strawberry cake. The middle tier is a peanut butter cake. And the top layer is a combination of the leftover strawberry and peanut butter batter I had. The whipped frosting was made with flavored jello powder. White is vanilla, pink is strawberry, and blue is mixed berry.
Thank you Solar for my birthday cake this year, stay awesome. Kakashi Hello Wave 
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Reef Application -Nikopol
Resident/Tourist: Resident
Name: Nikopol (formerly Nikopol Lambrou) 
Nicknames: Nik, Blueberry (mother), Spark plug (teacher)
Age: 24 (came to the Reef at 22)
Gender: Male
DoB: April 7
Height:6' 3"
Species: Storm Drake
Status: Dating Remi Zemi
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relatives: Juniper Lambrou(mother)
Special Talent: Martial arts (Draconic species don't really have a special talent per se)
Occupation: Works at Cafè Immortelle with Java Prose
Likes: Cooking/baking, music, tea/coffee, meditation, anime, bad jokes
Dislikes: Unnecessary fighting, raising his voice, wasting food, cold temperatures, bugs, alcohol, lightning storms

•Fairly different from the reserved vagabond he was when he arrived he now is more described as a bit of a puppy with how he's warmed up to others. But does have a tendency to have a distant-looking resting face. 
•Well mannered  from his early home life and and martial arts training.
•He's easily flustered or embarrassed when it comes to romance and PDA.
•From being on his own he sometimes talks to himself or uses "we" when speaking as a form of personal comfort.
•Sometimes worries about accidentally hurting someone if he gets too emotional.

(CRU) Backstory:
    Across the ocean in Shireland he was found by his abyssinian mother as an egg whom was the first creature he saw and imprinted on. Afterward she adopted and raised him as a single parent. When he was 15 there was an event where lightning struck his cousin's home after he was seen leaving. Though it was an accident his mother became worried with how others looked at him and sent Nik to a teacher she knew for his protection. Later he was told his grandfather disowned him so none would look for him and possibly seek retribution.
    His teacher not only gave him schooling but taught him martial arts as a way to control his emotions and discipline himself. Later getting Nik a job with a bakery where he could earn money. 
    At 19 he made his way to Equestria and realized how harsh life could be by yourself. He spent years doing odd jobs and even entering underground fighting rings to survive while living outdoors or with whomever was kind enough to house him. Through constant introspection he realized how easily his emotions could sway from joy and love to anger and sadness. To counteract this he developed a seemingly emotionless visage. Whenever someone asked about where he was heading they were usually met with indifference. Of the few times he lost his temper on one occasion causing a power surge through multiple city blocks after being robbed.
    He came to Capricorn Reef after hearing of a place where any creature would be welcomed and thought he could finally have a place to call home. Not long after his arrival Remi met him on a beach one morning by a bonfire. Later on he found she cared for and accepted him much to his disbelief. Without fully realizing he shows more emotion around her than others but is still trying to open up.

Art by Solar-Paragon
Original post by artist
Pina Colada cake
I made a 3 tier coconut shaped cake for my mother's birthday.
The top and bottom are 6" dome pineapple cake and the center is a 6"/3" coconut cake.
I used coconut cream mixed with cocoa powder and whipped it for the frosting.
Finally the outside is covered in toasted shredded coconut flakes.

The recipes I used for for the pineapple cake.
And I only made half the recipe for the coconut cake.
Finally, the frosting I made. Though I used a full can of Thai Kitchen Coconut Cream to make it less sweet.

Cheers!coconut drink TTOCI 6 


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