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my gosh! this is great ^^ the shading looks layered which somehow makes it a bit more soothing and since the lining isn't black it draw...

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Sasha Griffin Reference
This sweet child is Sasha, my fruit bat vampire! Better watch out she'll steal all the fruit if you're not carful. She is kind, patent and a prankster. She gives everyone a ton of love and support. And she has a good sense of style. 
*I'll add more info in a bit*
Katelynn Reference
Katelynn is one of my most drawn characters. She is a kind, friendly and energetic. She can be pretty naive, flustered, foolish and not know someone's boundaries. She means well when she acts  she tries her best at almost everything she does. She does doubt herself sometimes, though. She also has some autophobia which is the fear of being abandoned, unloved and alone. She is also part kitsune and can talk to animals. she also has a few other powers which are Fire Manipulation and Senses Manipulation. If I get to it she'll be the main character of my comic MAGIC. 
*I'll clean this up tomorrow*
Brook Turner Reference
This is Brook Turner. If I ever get to it, she will be in the comic MAGIC. She is a girl with some anger issues but tries to be nice. If she likes you, romantically or platonically, she will become more tolerant. She loves to hang out and if she's not flying off the handle she's a pretty chill person. She also has the power called Demon Physiology but can be called other things like Demon Mimicry, Devil Trigger or you can call her a Hell Spawn. Her powers mostly activate when she's angry but she's learning to control it.
*I'll organize this in a bit and add some more*
Jade reference
Jade is one of my new characters. She is probably the most badass character I have. Jade is not afraid of most things and lived in isolation for most of her life which makes her seem cold and awkward at times. Also due to past incidences with her and the people she met Jade has trust issues. It takes a very long time for people to become friends with her. Jade is for the most part a no nonsense kind of person unless with friends. she is sarcastic and can be rude at times but cares deeply for her friends. Jade didn't have a family for the most part growing up and didn't have the best background so she is sometimes not used to people being very polite and kind. Oh ya, she's tall, like "DAMN! IS THAT A TREE?" tall.
*I'll clean this mess of writing up later*
Caster: Falling Out (page 7)

The adorable and well loved yellow man belongs to :iconmoonmarbles:
The big and friendly bird, Terry, is owned by :iconkiwipeach:
Purple shark lady is the character of :icondorkasslameo:

next: coming soon
Chapter 4:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 2:…
first page:…
I have many plans for the Caster Comics but before I can continue I will go back and redo all the pages I have so far. I'll have this chapter, "Falling out", done before I go to redo everything, at least. I have a few reasons for me redoing these pages, but I'm not stopping the Caster Comics! So don't even worry! 

- Style, Art and Writing

One of them is me having improved my art style and not liking the old art. I also dislike the old writing and I have ideas for different things that need to be said. I'm very happy about this but also annoyed. Annoyed because now I feel as though I need to change it but happy because now I'm better at art and writing.

- Order and Speed

I will also be changing some of the orders of events. Not by a whole lot, though. I got frazzled during the competition and sped everything up way too fast. So that has bothered me and I would feel why better if I went back to slow it down. I want to let the Caster Comics have a feel to it. Right now, like I said before, it's rushed and doesn't have the feeling that I want.

- Redo Again

 I do think while I'm redoing the Caster Comics that the style will change during the redo, since I don't have a complete grip on the style, yet. It will probably be redone at least one other time after this one but I promise that if I do redo it it won't be until at least chapter ten.

- Competition

 I want to focus more on the story side of the Caster Comics. The Caster Comics were in the competition, Xotiathon. It's really great you should check out everyone's work. It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of great people, but since I had a time limit and needed to get the actual competing parts between characters I didn't get as much story as I would like. So If I went back and redid it there would be a lot more to read and it would have a better flow. You'd also get better introduced to the other characters like Caster's family. I might also make entire chapters on their perspectives. Which I think would be pretty cool. 

- A4 

I'm also going to change it to A4, because I think I would find it super cool to have a printed copy of my own comic. Idk. I think that would be fun. 

Although you guys can comment if you'd rather it be redone when the next chapter, chapter 6, is finished. (maybe even chapter 7, if I feel merciful). Although I don't think I'm famous enough to even say that. Anyways, I'm pretty sure that they both end on cliff hangers. So take your pick.

Thank you for reading! I hope this doesn't bother everyone. If it does I'm sorry. I'm still pretty new at all of this and improving very fast.  

Also, Xotiathon is where the Caster Comics started, you should check them out. It is filled with very talented people with characters that have extremely interesting stories! 


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All you people can call me Lucy, maybe. I'm a girl! I love to draw and make new friends. I have 5 dogs and 5 cats, so my houses are practicly zoos.

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