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my gosh! this is great ^^ the shading looks layered which somehow makes it a bit more soothing and since the lining isn't black it draw...

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Change of Plans Boys [3]
    To say the public transit area was busy would be an understatement. At this time it was practically swamped with people arriving and departing after their contestants had won or lost. Luckily there was a travel board in the center of the area noting what ships were arriving when and where. After a quick call back to the ship Caster reminded her what planet Ryso was from, it was easy to find the right place to be. One ship, departing to Nidia in thirty minutes.
    After grabbing a snack from a vendor she took a seat where she would be able to see anyone trying to board. The golden ring on her head chimed and a holoscreen popped up in front of her.
    “Vivialta Dro-”
    “What do you want Mungo-Jerrie,” She didn’t even look at the screen, instead shoving a cheesy fry in her mouth.
    “You failed all of the Oceans back here and all you can ask is what I want?” The mu
:icondorkasslameo:dorkasslameo 1 1
Change of Plans Boys [2]
    Vivialta found herself distracted on the way to find Ryso. Her pace was already pretty slow compared to most visitors here, so she should really stay focused. She couldn’t let this opportunity pass though. If Ryso left then she’d have to go and drag him back here by the ear. With a gruff huff of air out her nose she called out to a dejected looking pink figure walking down an adjacent hall.
    “Hey kid!” the pink fluff stopped, looking around. Though somewhat hard to read given her lack of visible mouth, she seemed somewhere between confused and offended. Who called her? And who dared to call her a kid? Eyes landing on Vivi, her brows furrowed. Despite a weirdly phrased comment she suspected was supposed to be uplifting at breakfast, they hadn’t really spoken much before.
    “Thanks for stopping, I don’t think I woulda been able to catch you if you darted,” Vivi smiled, careful not to sho
:icondorkasslameo:dorkasslameo 2 2
Change of Plans Boys [1]
    Vivi straightened the papers spread over the desk in front of her. Since being kicked from competition she’d had a lot of time to herself. Well, in between getting verbal lashings from Magnus, spending time with the lunch crew, and learning what a “kiss” was. Way more convenient than a klack since not everyone has horns, but also kinda gross and slobbery.
    Turning her neck in a quick stretch earned more than one crack of bones, earning a sigh from the kinjomin. The action caused Fivik to look up from what she was watching on her ICH robot to look at the bipedal woman seated at the desk. Vivi, in turn, looked out the window thoughtfully.
    “Yes dear?”
    “You said you basically stole your ship to get here right?”
    The haliepod frowned shallowly, looking almost ashamed of the wording. “Commandeered really, but I su
:icondorkasslameo:dorkasslameo 1 3
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Jade Reference update
Jade is one of my new characters. I love her very much.

   Name: Jade

   Height: 6'9 ft / 210 cm

   Weight: 140 lb

   Gender: Female

   Age: 19

   S/O: Probably asexual

   Nationality: (Still figuring it out)

   Species: Human (or at least was)

    Family: Not anymore 

Jade is a badass. Jade is not afraid to kill but will need a reason before she does anything, even if it's just a thought or suspicion. She is not afraid of most things and lived in isolation for most of her life. This made her seem cold, awkward and maybe a bit scary. She has anger issues and extream trust issues, so it takes her forever to make a friend. Forever means about two years to get comfortable around someone. Jade's, for the most part, a no-nonsense kind of person, unless with friends. She is sarcastic and can be very rude at times. She cares deeply for people she likes and cares for. Jade is also not very used to people being polite and kind.

Part animal; Meaning she has better hearing, smell, sight, instinct, and balance, for the most part. She also has sharp teeth, claws, and a tail for balance.

   Job: None

Flower picking, hunting, exercising, telling stories

Slight noise, flowers, her only friend (Rosaline), the shade, warm weather, showers, calm music, cuddles (from Rosaline), cute things

Medical supplies, loud noises, the quiet, hot weather, baths, strangers (mostly men and there is a reason), normal potatoes, small spaces, white rooms

Better hearing, smell, sight, instinct, and balance, for the most part. She also has sharp teeth, claws, and a tail for balance.

Panic attacks, organs fight each other sometimes, she can get pretty crazy and get a sorta tunnel vision, her anger issues

   Told backstory:
She's an escaped lab experiment and was abused in the past.

   From the story:
(don't have a name for it)

Brook Reference Update
    Name: Brook Turner

   Height: 5.7ft/ 173 cm

   Weight: 161 lb

   Gender: female

   Age: 17

   S/O: Homosexual

   Nationality: (idk yet)

   Species: Half human, half demon (so I guess a Hell Spawn?)

   Family: Father (Vincent), Mother (Juliet), and two brothers (Leo: age 10, and Ross: age 8)

A firecracker with a "slight" case of the anger issues, although she tries to be nice, sometimes. If she likes you, romantically or platonically, she will become more tolerant. She loves to hang out and if she's not flying off the handle she's a pretty chill person. I guess you could call her a tsundere.

The power is called Demon Physiology but it can be called other things like Demon Mimicry, Devil Trigger or you can call her a Hell Spawn. Her powers mostly activate when she's angry but she's learning to control it.

   Job: Some fast food or retail job

Boxing, walking on the beach, soccer, eating, scaring people

Rock and pop music, the beach, the forest, snobby people, lettuce, cuddles (though she won't ask), warm and hot weather, her roommate (Katelynn), Tv

Cold weather, books, history, small spaces

She can become a bit stronger, sprout wings and horns, she can sharpen her claws, too

Losses control if she's angry enough, she's not very fast, she's hotheaded and doesn't think everything through

   Told backstory:
Her dad's a devil and her mom's a human. She has two younger brothers who get on her nerves. She loves them a ton and they helped pay for her school. The school she goes to is specially made to help superpowered people, mythical creatures or any other abnormality to control their powers and learn about what they are. Sadly for these students, because of all the extra classes, they have to suffer through two extra years of school. So she has three more years to go and stays at the dorms of the school with her new roommate, Katelynn.

   From the story: MAGIC

Garlic allergy
Dawn Reference
    Name: Dawn Garcia

    Height: 5.8 ft/ 177 cm

    Weight: 160 lb

    Gender: female

    Age: 16

    S/O: Homosexual

    Nationality: Latino American

    Family: Her father and mother. 

    Species: human

Dawn is a kind and extremely laid back girl. She takes life as it comes and goes and stays mostly calm under pressure. Though, she is a relaxed person she will not stand people insulting her family, her friends and herself. Under pressure, she thinks clearly and quickly. If she's with someone she has a crush on she can get flustered easily and gets nervous. 

Super strength (her power depends on how much she works out). She usually just uses it to move a couch or something.

    Job: Small store, stalking and register.

Mixed martial art, horse riding, drawing, swimming

Watching shows, Katelynn, art, sunsets, warm and bright days, her family, the quiet and calm, books, (she likes a lot of things)

 Rain, cold water, Roger, history, 

Powerful, fast, quick thinking,

Agility, clumsy, long distance fighting, loud, falls head over heels for someone

    Told backstory:
She comes from a small town with a house on a large property of land. It's very calm there and she had to travel far to get groceries and do other this but she doesn't mind. It calms her. After she was about thirteen her parents and at the age of fifteen, they were sent a letter that invited her to a magic school so she could control her power. They let her choose and she went. This is her second year at this school and to her, the abnormal has become normal. 

    From the story: MAGIC

Brook is her friendly rival
Caster: Falling Out (page 8)

The adorable and well loved yellow man belongs to :iconmoonmarbles:
The big and friendly bird, Terry, is owned by :iconkiwipeach:
Purple shark lady is the character of :icondorkasslameo:

next: coming soon
Chapter 4:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 2:…
first page:…
I will still redo the Caster Comics but that will happen after I finish the comic. What I will do tho is begin to have it at the speed I'd like it to be and I'm make it on A4 size. The art style will shift will happen and it will also give me more time to get better at writing everything. As for when the pages come out, from now on they should be coming out every one or two weeks. 
I will still redo the Caster Comics but that will happen after I finish the comic. What I will do tho is begin to have it at the speed I'd like it to be and I'm make it on A4 size. The art style will shift will happen and it will also give me more time to get better at writing everything. As for when the pages come out, from now on they should be coming out every one or two weeks. 


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All you people can call me Lucy, maybe. I'm a girl! I love to draw and make new friends. I have 5 dogs and 5 cats, so my houses are practicly zoos.

my real friends:
:icondrawing101anime: :iconkovurocks101: :iconlightningurl125: :iconwolflover66622:

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