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Spongebob - Shimeji Mascot

I made Spongebob for Shimeji-ee.
I hope you like it, have fun :).


Just start it with START_32bit_Java_7.bat or START_64bit_Java_7.bat
You need Java 6 or 7 for this!


If you want more mascots, just search at deviantart for: Shimeji.

Shimeji is a desktop mascot program that makes a bunch of characters wander your screen and play around.
Shimeji English Enhanced (Shimeji-ee) Homepage:

It doesn't work? Then try this:
Download and install "Old Version of Java 6 Update 43":…
Then start Spongebob via START_32bit_Java_6.bat
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does it have a virus?

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 can you add patrick star and mr krabs and of course squidward
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Hi, I would like to use this, but I am not really interested in downgrading my version of Java. Do you know if there is any other way?
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Hi :), you do not downgrade it, it's just an additive Java version.
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An alternative is the 'Shimeji Editor' where shimejis play in your browser window instead of your desktop. It's on the Chrome Store. See SpongeBob in action:…
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Wow, those are actually sprites from the SpongeBob games in the nickelodeon site. How did you rip them?
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Pretty great stuff.
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@HieDelacroix thank you, i'm glad you like it :)
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Thank you! Your Shimeji of Spongebob is perfect!
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