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March 4, 2011
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'Desert Hawk' DWV Final Shot

By Soilworker06
The Final Presentation shot with wireframes and Textures Sheet :)
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mrLadaga's avatar
ooooooooooooou EEEEEEE!
why you dont put textures of the base??? whyyyy :((((((
bastler's avatar
I like this piece very much.
Unfortunatly there is one fact that spoils it for me completely. As a former soldier allow me to tell you one thing:
You never, NEVER!, put your gun muzzle into the ground. It is one of the most basic things that is drilled into every person handling guns. You do not want dirt or mud in there!
Soilworker06's avatar
Thank you, glad you like it. Yeah i know for the gun muzzle someone already told me that, i'll take care of that for my next model, i promise ^^
QNAMAN's avatar
How many polygons? Did you use edge split at each sharp edge? I mean - did a polygons at the corners are duplicated?
Soilworker06's avatar
Hi, i had 2997 tris for this one, so approximativly 1500 polys. And no i did'nt split my edges to make them sharp.
gtgv's avatar
Amazing ! Even the base is fantastic !
Soilworker06's avatar
Thank you very much :)
Militant-Jester's avatar
That's a pretty cool set of armor.
Jimpaw's avatar
fantastic work !, your texturing skills are awsome.
Soilworker06's avatar
thank you very much ! Glad you like it :)
NightWong's avatar
Very nice work!! =]
Soilworker06's avatar
Thanks a lot, glad you like it ^^
Bekey's avatar
You've got featured in my latest journal: To infinity... And beyond!. :+fav: the journal for it to gain more exposure! :hug:
Soilworker06's avatar
Thank you ! It's faved !
3uhox's avatar
excellent !! thanks for sharing
Soilworker06's avatar
Thank you ! Glad you like it ^^
dragonmaster033's avatar
that's so much detail for less then 3,000 tris! :worship:

that's awesome!
Soilworker06's avatar
JESR's avatar
woow cool character
DocMonkeyFish's avatar
Looks great well done.
Soilworker06's avatar
GadrielX's avatar
In what program you used to make this character?
It's pretty good!
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