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Surrounded by Friendship

Had a fun time with ChuggleDBugl and Keychi-Fim recently,
and really wanted to draw something to remember it all~

I can never thank these two for being such wonderful friends through and through.
They've encouraged me countless time, and push me to being a lil more brave than normal! OwO

You guys will always be in a special place within my heart ^w^

Also you made me short,
it was good dai :3
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Woo High hoof !!! XD

They are both wonderful ^^

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our smol people bullying is immortalized in cuteness! 
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Well in their defense on that last note,you are short- LOL

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They so mean to us >w<
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So much cuteness!!
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this is just adorable :D
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Glad you had such a fun time
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Kaaawaaaiii~! <3
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I will get my revenge for making me so cute!!! How durr?!?!?
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Aw so cute! ^^
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Were you hanging out with them on some convention or something?
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We went to Disney Land to celebrate our friend British Ninjas Birthday! OwO
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