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HSD: Prologue Chapter (Part One)
    It was a chilly autumn day, with the sound of the wind mixed with the crunching of leaves under the weight of one's shoes. It was quite peaceful, one of those days where nothing really happened beyond the usual. As Sophina and Erric walked on their way to school, they were quiet for awhile just enjoying the beautiful silent morning. They got to the corner where the bus stop was, and instead of sitting in the seats nearby they decided otherwise in favor for the tree nearby. Erric sat on the cold wet ground, while Sophia decided to stand as both hastily plopped their bags next to one another and rested their backs on the tree. They both sighed, breathing in the air for a moment before speaking.
    'Hey, you got a light?' Sophia breathed out as she took out a pack of cigarettes from her skirt pocket and opened it. 'I'll share.'
    Erric chuckled a moment, then responded with a sigh, 'Uh...sure. Just ran out anyways, could use a smoke right about now.'
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SVTFOE OC's (AU Story)
* Her symbol is black skulls, but later on it turns into a more 'cartoony' white skull with gold hearts for eyes. Also, her wand at first appears as a gold skull with a white snake and bat wings but when she learns Light Magic it turns into a 'cartoony' white skull with gold hearts for eyes and the snake becomes a vine that has two sunflowers where the 'wings' would normally be. Later on, she will be able to mix the two and use both magic types at the same time but it's a bit difficult to control.
* Her hair is pitch-black, and is long enough to reach her feet. To avoid messing it up, she puts her hair into two braids and when she goes to bed she puts it into a single braid (this is why her hair is slightly wavy as it's normally straight). Her eyes are 'gold' yellow, and she always looks sleepy/bored due to her insomnia. Her skin is 'olive', and she has the same bangs as the rest of the Butterfly family along with long sideburns. Her first appearance has her weari
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United States
I'm crabby most days, but if you like my stuff then I give you a million thanks. ^u^

I like WAY too many things to count, but my favorite style is somewhere between PASWG and Adventure Time. Basically I like 'cartoon' style. I also LOVE Magical Girls/Dark Mahou series.

Just don't note me about ANYTHING unless I got an adopt from you, you're a close friend of mine, or it's extremely important. Do NOT send me notes/comments about requests or commissions, I won't do them just because you ask me. I do those in my own time, if I'm feeling generous.


(if you are on this list, I consider you a dear friend of mine)

:icon0zymandlas: :iconashofta: :iconrenegadetheunicorn: :iconreitannaseishin: :icontherainbowoverlord: :iconstargazersammie: :iconxavs-pixels: :iconverdy-k: :iconashuri: :iconmouldycat:


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Even one point will make me happy. ^^

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Ok, so remember how I said I was gonna make the new account AFTER I got my new laptop...?


Well...I already made it.

Again, this will be my backup but my new one will be my main one.

So, here it is: LittleWitchyComics

As the name states, it will mainly be for my comics. And if you're my friend on here, add that to your friend/watch lists as well! I won't post on here anymore, which means if you wanna know about the new stuff going on with me then go there! So...that's all I have to say.

Goodbye, old account...I will only see you again if something goes wrong (or I need to check my old messages).



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