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Exquisite heart of an executed girl by softsai
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Karen in danger
Karen(or Karin) from Pocket Monsters,a girl accused of witchcraft,is crucified and about to be burnt.The fire is getting hotter and higher and she still cannot move!She still have about 3-5 minutes to summon her guardian monsters for the rescue before her death.But maybe they are too far away and she cannot cast a spell to summon them back.The fire has almost devoured her and there is still nobody willing to help a witch.The villains shows no mercy on this pretty woman,only her pain and death can fulfill their needs.Everything is gettting worse... What will happen next?A dramatic rescue or a bad end?
detailed version of karen in witch hunt updated.
Nightmare of circadia
Miss Inui Sayaka 乾沙夜香(いぬいさやか),a psychic magician from the sony playsation console game circadia サーカディア,also a 24-year-old teacher and a girlfriend of the main character Takayama Hiroki,was trapped in the world of nightmare and defeated.The evil creatures tied her to the stake,open her chest and ripped her bleeding heart out as the offer to the nightmare lord.Under the influence of dark power,she could still stay alive and suffer the pain on her chest they gave her. And the evil monsters did not stop  their work when sayaka was still screaming and struggling for help.The hellfire was raised around the stake,which could consume all flesh into dust and her despair just began.The fire devoured her body,cause serious empyrosis on her leg,arm and her chest and her pretty face.She cried and screamed,pray for hiroki`s help but no one answered.Her heart was still beating on the altar,and her body was still burning,slowly consumed by fire.It took a long time to completely turn all her flesh into bones,and her life finally ended with a burnt skull at the stake and a bloody heart on the altar with no beating.
In many games and animations,there is always relationship between a beautiful woman and a  brutal demon sacrifice.And finally those girls are always  rescued by someone.But If the player does not finish any mission to save their beautiful damsels,the end maybe so terrible and cruel like this.Maybe a badend can be more memorable.
Celine Jules in witchhunt
The beautiful magician Celine Jules from Star Ocean the second story,is accused of using witchcraft and seduction on her opponents who failed to possess and rape her body during her adventure,and to be executed on the cross.The bad news is her companion:Claud is still in his misson and cannot go back for rescue in time.
It seems that everything is getting worse.the fire is getting higher and hotter,and no one comes to help a girl who is considered as a witch.Everyone is enjoying her scream and struggle in execution,enjoying how the flame turns a pretty girl into a burning skull in a terrible witch hunt.Three minutes has passed,she is badly injured by fire but there is still no hope for her to save herself from the tough flame.And there is almost no time left...
Ursula Callistis in witchhunt
Ursula Callistis/Ursula Charistes/Shining Chariot from Little witch academia,who was accused of witchcraft is being burnt at the stake.Four minutes have passed and the fire is getting higher and hotter and it is tearing her evening dress into pieces.The flame causes serious wound on her naked part of body and create much pain.Without the power of crystal,she can hardly cast a spell to escape.She cant imagine why those people could do this to a pretty girl.Things are getting worse as she can hardly breath the clean air.The terrible fire has almost devoured her,consuming every part of her body.Suffering from unimagenable pain and torture,the only thing left for her is screaming and praying for her student`s rescue.But five minutes have passed,there is still no one coming for her...She`s dying...
What will happen to her?burnt alive into bones and ashes?Or rescued?


No journal entries yet.


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