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vivian james playing star citizen

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I found on google on image

your image

25 by gaelle-69
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pls in the name of my life make some original art
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Look well under the picture before speaking
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Some images are copyrighted!
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1447943022 71292 by gaelle-69
Stole this from you
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ic c is the manga blog
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You are not happy
you can go elsewhere
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No I am not happy because you steal! And stop being a copy bot.
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How I play the Forsaken Remaster
Seeing as its star citizen its been on that frame for the last 15 seconds due to horrible FPS! Hence why she's so annoyed.
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Now to run out and get three more vizio's! love the art shugah, we can only wish our oasis looked as nice as this one. keep it up!
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Where's the sweater?
nvm, it's probably too hot in there
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My dream set up.  *_*
I l love that top angled monitor!
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Some ass posted it on Steam taking credit for it :…

He even deleted my comment when I posted your url.

His Steam profile :…

Edit : He or Steam removed it
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reported, thank you!
Some youtuber is using this pic as his GTA video cover.  His name is odyssey
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According to a thread on r/kotakuinaction, this image may have been used without your permission for a Challenge Play for Women festival in Spain:…
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Dear God, my dream set up.
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