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Fluff Fox Babies

Now with the correct colour palette
No worries, Zoroark is next

Just went to the easy way out first
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I absolutely love Hisuian Zorua's design.

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They are so cute together! I wanna cuddle them both!

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Double the pleasure, double the fun <3

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I luv These Two Floofs So Much VwV

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Best smol babies

The greatest fluff fox babies. As always, I adore how you do the fluff on their bodies. X3

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adorable work on them !

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Psst, small error, you accidentally cut out the whites of OG zoruas eye. ^u^;

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It’s noticeable on a black of any colored background.

im not trying to critique you or anything since I absolutely love your art. I just thought I would try and be helpful since I noticed it q-q

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You draw so fluffy! Lovely job^^

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Baby shaped floof gremlins

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