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MYO Annie O2 | Kojo




Blessing Name: Fennec Fox | Lavender
Scientific Name: Vulpes zerda | Lavandula
Blessing Count: 2
Eyes: Uncommon crescent shape
Rarity: Uncommon

Name: Kojo
Age: 18
Town: Undecided

my second MYO Annie! 

so happy to have another bb that i thought of by myself from start to finish! ♡
i wanted to challenge myself, so i decided to make a boi this time~
i'm super happy with how he turned out and am so proud of how he looks hhh

huge thank you to SgtCicada for being the sweetest and most amazing custom designer ever TT A TT ♡

ps: special thanks to exo's stylist for providing me with
the outfit that inspired it all

Art & Design © SgtCicada  
OC © softely
Annies are a Closed Species by Yamio
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© 2020 - 2021 softely
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Ah, he's such a pretty boy! I love his chains of lavender combined with the chains of his jewellery, they seem to mesh together really well! I'm also loving his outfit~ He looks like a rich kid ready to hit the night life!

Roanimii's avatar

He is sooo pretty and handsome at the same time, ahah~ I really adore his design so much! Love the many flowers he has is just lovely! :love: remake II

Elsiikun's avatar

Woaaa a Fennec~, I love fennecs~! He looks so handsome and cool, and even hot //cough//. I like how simple his outfit is, yet strikes a lot of personality, those keychain, that jacket, and crop top jacket with a furred collar. I also like how his blessings combine and blend together, with his ears and hair growing flowers on them, especially that bushy tail~

Berryzem's avatar
Ahhhh he looks very handsome >w<, and I love the flowers for his earring(s) and in his tail! Congratulations on your second MYO Annie! ♥
softely's avatar
aaa thank you so much berry! ;o; 
a handsum boi he is indeed uwu
Berryzem's avatar
Lol you're welcome 💕
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