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    SoftDiamond gazed into the distance around him, the very scenery of the forest had grabbed his eyes, but, something else would grab his eyes too. He tried to be as quiet as he could and careful to not break any twigs that lay on the ground. SoftDiamond was within paw steps of the dark blue, slim wolf, and then he had done the one fault he never wanted to do which was that to attract attention of the wolf so soon. He played it cool; "Who is there?", the wolf asked looking towards the bush contemporary to SoftDiamond. SoftDiamond sneezed, "A-a-a-choo!", and he had tried to sneak away quietly. The wolf had laughed, "Okay.. come out whoever and whatever you are.". SoftDiamond's undercover had been faulted and there he was seen to the wolf that he chased. He finally got to see the wolf in a moment that seemed to have lasted for an eternity, and he could see the very intricate detail of her orange hair and he had blushed looking at it.

    The wolf had been seeing him get red, "Excuse me, sir, are you okay?". SoftDiamond snapped out of it, "Of course I-I-I a-am!". Little did the wolf know SoftDiamond was in love with her. The wolf slapped his maw to get his attention, "Hehe! I'm Aurora. I'm a lone wolf.". Looking at her eyes with mass attention, SoftDiamond said, "Aurora? I'm SoftDiamond. I am also a lone wolf.". SoftDiamond still could not catch himself to speak himself up to her, yet there was times when he felt ready to do so, but it fell apart like quicksand and he could not be in the just moment to say it yet. SoftDiamond knew he had been lucky to spot a wolf, especially a female wolf, and one that did not run away from him. In some cases, SoftDiamond considered himself to be reversed magnet for love and with that in his retrospect of mind, he would never get his dream of a true love.

    In Aurora's subset of her mind, she had felt something uncanny rise from SoftDiamond, but she felt it was sparked up by him meeting her so suddenly. Aurora had gazed up to see the stars shining, it was probably late night now. SoftDiamond had told about his past, his experience with the greatly evil Ferashin of Canis Firo and the whatnots. There was a little of delay before Aurora spoke of herself being a pirate, in fact, she even spoke of the times when she would stop to steal things from villages and move on. She considered herself to be very skillful in these types of situations. She however still felt the reasons to not trust the wolf beside her. SoftDiamond noticed the pointy pirate sword she had carried. He had always wanted something of the alike, but he carried one thing which was his power to use lightning and harness its inner ability.

    Aurora's and SoftDiamond traveled across the major forest and onto the beach of the island and Aurora's hair sparkled across the new moonlit sky. The view of the ocean had jumped out at one with calming waves. The nice breeze helped sooth one as well. Tired and stressed from the days, Aurora found her way into dream land. SoftDiamond had guarded for at least half an hour before he too departed into a vast world of dreams. He slept next to Aurora's body and away from the sword that lay right beside her. He kept her warmth in by using his own body heat. The two woke up early on the very next day and the sky was a painting of a sunrise, very neat with the water it was. Aurora had got startled and very startled when she had saw the wolf was literally sleeping earlier right next to her body within millimeters.

    Aurora adapted to this wolf a lot more and was very social with him, unlike to other wolves. She had SoftDiamond on her mind and wanted to tell him, but feared what he might say so she had just hid it in. SoftDiamond, in his own mind, felt the exact way for her. The two had learned to cope with each other and would be fighting partners, and more. SoftDiamond heard more news of what Aurora said about her life, he had known that she was very different. SoftDiamond adapted to her differences in very well manners and used his differences and tried to find their similarities. They were two of a kind- a pair, a world reincarnated twice, is what they were.
I failed at writing this piece that would describe how my character SoftDiamond and :iconelezya:'s character, Aurora would meet XD
elezya Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Student Digital Artist
aww this is so sweet ;-;
SoftDiamond Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
np ^^
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