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In my own thoughts, our eyes illustrate differently,
For an action I was to do, it was different to you,
I did not break the shell, I left it on to stay,
The same thing, in a just moiety for all,

To say I hurt you, I may have,
But, to hurt you, is to hurt me more,
To what I have done, It can not be forgiven,
Actions led by a tangent, for no words to say it,

I broke a heart, the very heart of yours,
To say the word sorry, I am too late,
For, I have shattered a world, to say more,
To really say the word sorry was not enough,

Put me in your shoes, I feel your pain,
To say sorry is not enough, There is more,
Here I am, spilling blood to show my sorrow,
I share my pain with you, but sorry is not it,

To show my heart is to you, that is a act,
An act of pain, I mean the word of sorry,
For, it will never be as it was, to say sorry,
I have changed everything, sorry is not enough,

To write with my blood on to you, to show care,
I can not just say the word sorry, for I cry,
My tears develop the river, the river of blood,
My world is put to the ocean, I am sorry,

To say sorry, for there is more to it,
Sorry is not what we do for seconds,
To say sorry, I am in a just mood forever,
To say sorry means that I am the sorry,

To show sorry means to put your life for them,
I could write a story, but that is not sorry,
I mean all I say and want to show it, how I ask,
There is much more to the word sorry,
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March 7, 2015
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