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:iconsoftcrows:softcrows posted a status
vaporwave highkey makes me want to die
like idk I wish I was kidding, every time I listen to it I get this overwhelming awful feeling that's accompanied by suicidal undertones
and it's the weirdest thing and I don't get it?? why does a specific music genre/aesthetic in general make me feel that way. I even feel like I'd probably like it otherwise?

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Ivyycaine Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so i just listened to vaporwave for the first time in order to see if I felt the same way when I listened to it.

while I didn't feel suicidal, I certainly got creepy vibes. i was trying rlly hard to figure out what made the songs feel off to me and I thought maybe it has something to do with the pitch? like maybe the cheery tune with a lower pitch is confusing to our brains. i dont really know. but I will say I was certainly more unsettled by the music than at ease.

I also googled a few things for you and most people who also said they felt sad/suicidal while listening to vaporwave blamed it on nostalgia. because the music invokes a sense of things lost that you'all never get back?? i guess. I personally thought they were getting too deep with it but hey, you never know.

so overall I didn't find a definite answer. but there's certainly some possibilities. it could honestly just be that the music style creeps you out in a way that your brain handles by the suicidal undertones and bad feeling. im just really intrigued by this because I have a v similar thing with dubstep. it gives me a sense of like, impending doom and makes me feel like someone is going to die (very brutally). like iDEK how to describe it but I understand the whole music genre affecting you weirdly.

im srry this got so long oops
softcrows Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2016
YEAH holy shit that opposite pitches thing actually makes sense... the nostalgia thing actually kinda makes sense too, even if I wasn't alive in the 80s-90s my parents had a lot of stuff and I watched a lot of TV shows/movies from then when I was little too so???

it's so crazy that it makes me want to like destroy myself though lmao?? is that what being legitimately triggered is??

i confuse myself >B')

and no omg you're fine! I love hearing that insight tbh!
Ivyycaine Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yea like the pitch is really weird, and I know that can affect how a song makes you feel. and even if you weren't alive in the 90's, the song can still make you feel nostalgic.

i would say it's a form of being triggered if the feelings r rlly strong. but yea I would say something about the music unsettles your brain and it sends like bad signals. that's my best guess |D
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