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:iconsoftcrows:softcrows posted a status
I just got back from seeing jekyll & hyde the musical in a local theatre and. my god it was so fucking good
the person who played jekyll/hyde was SO GOOD?!?!?! and the person who played lucy had a really beautiful voice too!! it was darker than any musical I've ever seen too, I mean obviously the story is very dark with a lot of murder but. it was also a little different from the original? they edited a few songs that I noticed, but they were all good! Alive was SO awesome to see live, as was Confrontation
cjsjfjsjjcjsjajdhw i love musicals SO MUCH god. musical actors work so hard they deserve so much more recognition. they work way harder than movie/tv shows actor work

the scene where hyde slits lucy's throat was so dark omg... after he kills her it's just dead silent, like there's no background music, and he just started laughing really creepily. and then he changes back to jekyll and it's still silent and he started crying and like. it was so eerie

let me repeat musicals are fucking awesome and so underrated and the actors deserve so much more credit bc they work 10x harder than normal actors :^(

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