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Theodore Hopper :: Weary Chief by softcrows Theodore Hopper :: Weary Chief by softcrows
note: please click download for a full quality version of his ref!

Full Name: Theodore Griffin Hopper
Nicknames: Theo, Teddy, Chief
Gender: Male -- He/Him
Sexuality: Heterosexual / Heteroromantic
Species: Kodiak Bear
Age: 41
Birthday: April 28, 1905 -- Taurus
Occupation: Sheriff/Chief of Police
Voice Claim: David Harbour
Appearance: A lumbering giant, Theodore is an intimidating force to be reckoned with. He is larger than most animals in the city, and large even for his species. His mutilated face does little to help the intimidation; he has four scars down the right side of his face that took out his eye, and a long scar on his muzzle. He usually wears an eyepatch over the mutilated eye, which was lost long ago.
Allegiance: The people
Family: ???
Love Interest: N/A
Disabilities/Health Issues: Theodore has no outstanding medical or mental conditions that he knows of. He is getting older, so joint pain is more prevalent, and his weight does little to help him. The only obvious issue is the mass of scar tissue on his right eye, leaving him blind from one side.
Personality: Theodore is a gruff man, as is expected from the chief. He is blunt, grumpy, and serious. This leads to a tendency for others to be afraid of and avoid him, but those close to him know that he has a heart of gold. He hurts when it's necessary, and he fights fiercely to protect his charges and citizens, but he is a very merciful and fair leader. He is also very clever, despite common belief -- how else would he have gotten the position? He's very intuitive and he seems to have incredible gut feelings about things. He trusts himself more than anyone else. He also has a soft spot for cubs.

Positive Traits:
+ Honest
+ Hardworking
+ Fair
+ Protective
+ Intuitive

Negative Traits:
+ Blunt
+ Grumpy
+ Distrustful

Neutral Traits:
+ Spontaneous

Relationships: TBA...


SO THIS IS MY BOY TEDDY HOPPER... as i've said he is the chief/sheriff of police in the city. he resides in the same universe and story as zeke does, so yeah, that story is finally taking form of some kind. he is also based off of hopper from stranger things, hence why his voice is david harbour c;
he's a great guy, don't let his looks fool you. he really does his very best to protect everyone. 

some notes to make:
- his back paws have odd-colored toes. i honestly do not care how the spots look on his paws, as long as there is one darker colored toe on both.
- his front legs are a gradient from dark to light upward.
- he always wears an eyepatch. the only reason his official ref doesn't have one is so his scars can be seen.
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