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I'm headed straight for the castle by softcrows I'm headed straight for the castle by softcrows
aesthetic based on camille :^) bc u all know how much I love her (and my characters in general)
I also made a playlist for her aha;…

again, these pics aren't mine. also, I made it BASED off of my character, but u can still use it for w/e u want! pls tell me if u do though !!

I didn't want this one to be in black & white. it was gonna be like greyscale and really dull/greyish blue. it ended up just looking up better in b&w but I wish I could've made it work color-wise because I rlly wanted it to be blue :c I may try again later bc I'm upSET

anyway, the symbolism behind it;
roses bc alistair canonically gives her a rose in the game and as a result she loves them
blood on the roses because shit happened and sacrifices were made, wasn't all fun and games
fox because camille's a goddamn fox c; no but really she's very clever and sneaky and persuasive and also she's a rogue so there's that
and a quartz(???) crown bc it reminds me of ice and I always think of camille as a bit "icy" and well, she's a queen ("princess-consort") so (funny story I actually saw it on tumblr and it reminded me a lot of camille and made me decide to do this project lmao)
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December 30, 2016
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