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Monachrome - 1
Mona blinked.  The sunlight dappled her body in patterns of shadow and light.  The intensity of its glare was increased because it reflected off of the white sheets that had so neatly wrapped her in the standardized hospital bed.  She felt trapped.  Her arms lay at her side, unmoving, limp.  Her legs felt the same; numb and flat.  The soft rise and fall of her chest was the only part of her outer appearance that was moving.  Even her eyes, vacant, staring ahead, were lost in a world of mindless thought.  It was only when she heard the muffled sounds coming from behind the door to her room did she let her eyes blink, a slow, collective blink that allowed the glassy film that had formed over her eyes to disappear in an instant.  There was a shuffling noise, followed by the jangle of what sounded like metal upon metal, and finally the scraping of a key turning in the lock as a person forcefully pushe
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The Canals by softballrulez37 The Canals :iconsoftballrulez37:softballrulez37 0 2 Looking Up by softballrulez37 Looking Up :iconsoftballrulez37:softballrulez37 4 1 In the Garden by softballrulez37 In the Garden :iconsoftballrulez37:softballrulez37 3 0
The Fall of the House of Usher
Madeline is dead, dead and gone.
The last of the house of Usher am I.
The blood of my ancestors flows through my veins
but through hers, no more.
She is as dead as dust
rotting in a tomb of a dungeon
where not even the brave dare venture.
Buried under stone and wood,
not even light itself can escape this dark prison.
Let dust accumulate over her withered bones
like a fine mist that is gently settling.
Let her heart beat its last until it falls silent and still
never again to dance to the merry music of life.
Let her breathe her last, her chest rising one last
Time before it comes to rest.
The rise and fall shall be abruptly halted.
Her mind, the brain encased in bone and flesh,
will all at once stop its careful calculating and thinking.
Everything of hers will halt forevermore.
As she lies incarcerated in death
unable to escape from its restricting iron bonds,
the candles will burn until they are no more.
The light will flicker and fade.
The last ember will die.
The final glimpse of ho
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The Killing
A dying soul is encased in a sarcophagus of human flesh.
It is oblivious to all but itself.
Surrounding it is the lifeblood that causes it such agony.
It is screaming for release.
Thoughts and feelings pound through every open pore.
It is on the brink of destruction.
The body is nothing but a useless vessel for a greater mind.
It feels death with its cold, encasing fingers surround it in a single grasp.
Pain and suffering ensue; it cannot escape its fate now.
It now lies limp in the bitter grasp of nothingness.
It has been overcome by death, which is the end of all things.
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Mad Mary
Mary cried out in the darkness.
It had only been dream, nothing more.
Nothing more.
Yet the voices in her head kept whispering, coaxing her on.
Their sweet, melodious voices swept her mind clear, overtaking her.
Drowning her.
Their undertone of terror and savagery however was crystal clear.
That was what drove her mad.
They collided and crashed,
all combining to form a simultaneous stream of sound,
undulating like the waves of the sea.
Promises of what was lost,
and pledges of what was to become.
Memories of time before,
and visions of what was to come.
All of this stirred forth in poor Mary’s mind,
taking up the space where sanity used to dwell.
Mary’s poor mind shattered, it could not take it all.
The madness, pain, sorrow…
It all leaked out from her broken body.
Blood on paper-white sheets.
Pale limbs lifeless against a solid, cold floor.
A heart beat no longer.
A brain had worked to its final, triumphant moment.
Her body laid to rest in its final grave,
of insanity a
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The word hits me like a slap in the face.
Cold fingers ensnare me in their tight grasp
as I stand there, neither knowing what to do or say.
I feel light as can be, yet I’m grounded to the spot.
He’s dead.
He’s gone.
Out of sight, out of mine.
Never to return.
Yet, the memory of him still lives on
in our hearts and minds,
and we shall never forget him.
Tears well up,
and soon they burst forth past the gates that have tried to suppress them.
They crawl slowly down my cheek as sobs rack my body.
It just simply can’t be true.
But it is.
The world has enfolded about me like an abyss.
I’m falling.
The wind dries my tears
and a numbness takes control of all my emotion.
I feel nothing.
No pain, no sorrow.
Only a dull, thudding ache where my heart should have been.
Death, it comes so quickly
but leaves a lasting impression.
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Mature content
Distorted Fairytales - 1 :iconsoftballrulez37:softballrulez37 0 1
Shattered Glass Breaking Heart
As easily as glass shatters,
my heart breaks in two.
With a flick of a wrist,
or the uttering of a few simple words,
as easily as glass shatters,
my heart breaks in two.
With a careless mistake,
or a slip of a phrase,
as easily as glass shatters,
my heart breaks in two.
With purposeful error,
or brutal intentions,
as easily as glass shatters,
my heart breaks in two.
Despite this,
I still love him,
though he does not reciprocate my emotions.
I continue to follow blindly,
trusting my soul can mend itself
and hoping that someday,
he shall understand why I do what I do,
and that he’ll respond to my feelings,
as much as I do.
As easily as glass shatters,
my heart breaks in two.
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The N.P.D. Character Developtm
NAME: Magdalene Elizabeth Rachelle Hyde
NICKNAMES: Mag, Maggie
AGE: Seventeen
BIRTHDAY: December 15
HEIGHT: 5'6"
WEIGHT: 137 lbs.
BIRTHPLACE: London, England
PETS: --
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If you haven't seen the movie 'Red Eye' yet, I highly suggest you go see it, immeadiatly. Not only is the movie action-packed and is filled with back to back moments of intense-anxiety, but it's beautifully crafted and well put together, with brilliant actors to support the movie's premise. Basically, it's about this girl, Lisa, who works as a manager at a hotel; she's coming home (to Miami) from her grandmother's funeral, and meets a charming man by the name of Jackson Rippner (playfully referred to as 'Jack the Ripper' - and believe me, he'll soon live up to that name). At first he's a charming man who does what he can to help Lisa - he helps her calm down an angry man, and offers to have a few drinks with her. Soon he receives a phonecall and they must part ways, but are strangely reunited on the plan when they coincidentally have seats next to each other. As the film goes on, we find out that Jackson is a terrorist, and needs Lisa's help to complete the assassination of a man (who is staying in the hotel he manages). He threatens her father's life into her complying for his request of changing the targeted man's room, and through a series of psychologically thrilling events, she finally complies. After a rough night of playing several violent games of 'cat and mouse', Lisa finally gains the upper hand when she craftily takes a pen from one of the fellow flyers, and stabs Jackson in the neck as everyone is unbuckling their seatplans. The chase scene that ensues is mind-blowing and incredible; they [Lisa and Jackson] run through the terminal, but Lisa has the advantage since she has handicapped Jackson, and has stolen his cellphone (his means of communication that would tell the assassin to kill her father if he doesn't comply). Well, she eventually escapes from the airport and heads to her house, where she runs over the assassin with her car. Not too long after she sees her father, Jackson shows up, as if from the dead. And well, the Hitchcock-esque 10 minute scene of intense suspense that follows... well... you'll have to see the end for yourself. I haven't been so scared in a movie since... a long time ago. This film is just beyond words. Cillian Murphy's performance was mind-blowing. He looks so sweet and innocent - not to mention handsome - with his round, wide blue eyes and charming smile, but my God, when he goes Jack the Ripper and turns into one volatile, evil murderer, I think I may have been scared out of my skin for life. He can pull off villainous so beautifully (also shown in Batman Begins as Scarecrow/Jonathan Crane - my favorite Batman villain of all time) and still make it completly believable. I think tonight I may have nightmares about him chasing me around my house, wielding a knife because he's ready to slice my head off. Oh, and I forgot to mention Rachel McAdams; oh my, that woman is beautiful. Her hair, I have to say, is absolutely gorgeous; she really looks like a life-size doll. But her acting is simply impeccable. She just did a spot-on job, and everything she did was completly realistic. I really want to know what it must've been like to be in her shoes for this role. And one last final mention; Jayma Mays (I believe that's how you spell her name) is as cute as a button, and does an excellent part in her role as well... (Though, I still see her as Charlie from Heroes.) She's another one I'd like to pick up and hug because she has that look of doe-eyed innocence that melts ones heart. Plus, her look of suprise when the top suite of the hotel room has exploded is priceless. But yes, overall, this movie, I would have to say, is one intense thriller that I would love to see over and over again.... Of course, with friends, because seeing it alone is just... frightening. Cillian Murphy and Rachel McAdams yet again blow my mind with their high quality of acting.
  • Reading: Brave New World
  • Watching: Red Eye


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