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Minimal Social Media Icons (PSD)

By softarea
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This PSD file includes 18 social media icons. They are pixel perfect icons that can be used on any website. Enjoy!

Site Link :-
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Hi Friends Please Click The Link And Watch The Video  Is Unlimited  social media work!!!…  
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This is great, thanks!
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Awesome, thanks so much for this.
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Thanks. Simple and to the point. Good job, sir (or ma'am)!
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Thank you so much this is wonderful :-)
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I do like these, but the Twitter logo isn't current anymore and the Google+ logo just has a black background. Not something I'm interested in with those crucial flaws. But otherwise a nice set, good job. :)
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Love these they're just what I was looking for - perfect clean and lovely
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Thanks, good job.
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I wish you used the official Twitter logo! I'm just looking for some nice, minimal icons but I guess I'll have to make them myself because no one seems to mess up the Twitter icon :)
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i think that is the official twitter logo
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They changed it in June 2012, before this icon set was published. This is the official logo:…
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erm, * no one = everyone
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These are really awesome, great job!
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Beautiful! I totally digg minimalistic icons ;P Thanks for posting!
and sorry for the terrible pun :P
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I love these. Minimal is my thing... These are lovely. Thanks!
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