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a2, fine liners.
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a very interesting drawing! that's great!
superfluous-zombies's avatar
Did it hurt... when you fell from heaven?
: >

This is so amazing anxjsndfjw gdkslkn.
greenion12's avatar
this is absolutely stunning.
reducedtofidgets's avatar
this is so beautiful!
thesadwhale's avatar
Your lines are miraculous!
Takiouttio's avatar
Holy fuck this is gorgeous~
RoseAsh's avatar
you have a wonderful way of distorting reality :heart:
ziyus630's avatar
it's your delicate details and lines that i like!
lightningbug's avatar
your details & patterns are SO GOOD! i always stare at your work for a while, haha
ShoulderBlades's avatar
i love both of their faces
Chroma3000's avatar
I must say, your pictures utilize negative space in a way that makes them very strange, but intriguing to look at. Very few artists have this talent like you do. :)
nimbuda's avatar
bagorrah. you have officially been enthroned as nimbuda's favorite artist of all time
kitsuneluv's avatar
Very cool, using black and white only gives it a very distinct style.
somenlitenfisk's avatar
i want your art. i want to pay for it
sombreroh's avatar
downright fantastic. your my hero!
onedose's avatar
What size is this? Your work is so intricate.
creatures-third's avatar
Pretty snazzy I must say.
F-inked's avatar
You never cease to amaze me.
Razriel's avatar
josephmerrick's avatar
Awesome! Truely unique and style-perfect.
SplitEnds's avatar
please don't mind the obsessive faving on my part. I just really enjoy how you compose your more recent pieces.
Cerauno's avatar
Where do you get the inspiration for your drawings? There's always a certain...fantastic quality to them that I can never quite place.
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