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Lolis are for protecting! Welcome to the cute side of lolicon. Both artists and appreciators! Upload and take a look at our loli art collection :heart:
Both fanart and original accepted.
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1,274 Members
1,359 Watchers
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Pringle Jingle by iDFER
[c] Satori by blanchiame
Penny Gadget by iDFER
Lil EMT by Villyane
FANART - Canon characters only
Klee - Mame shikishi by StalkingP
Color Sketch - Dancer Louise by StalkingP
Color Sketch - Eris by StalkingP
[Stream request] Color Sketch - Koneko by StalkingP
ORIGINAL - fancharacters included
Commission:[FB]005 by misterCat04
IVee No.5 by SetoFirst
Walking with Puppies by Inuhaaaaaaa
[Stream Request] Kitty Romina by StalkingP
Unsure, re-sorting folder
Popsicle by lolikitty-chan
10$ fast commission by Jeneko
Mixie icon new by Yamio
Mika icon new by Yamio

Welcome to Soft-loli!

:bulletpink: :heart::bulletpink: :heart::bulletpink: :heart::bulletpink: :iconsoft-loli::bulletpink: :heart::bulletpink: :heart::bulletpink: :heart::bulletpink:

If you would like to become a contributor, e-mail me at stalkingpartwork @ (no spaces)
Thank you!

A place for all of you innocent lolicons UvU No R18 work allowed!
This club is not about the lolita fashion, but the fetish known as lolicon! Please take that in mind we are looking for girls who look about 7~12 in both face and body when joining and submitting :heart: There is a strong preference for cartoony-anime stylization.

:bulletpink: You are free to join! Members are automatically approved
:bulletpink: 2 submissions per day

:bulletgreen: Characters must be female, no shotas or traps allowed.
:bulletred: There must be 1+ characters depicted looking pre-pubescent to enter the group (no matter the "canon" age)
:bulletgreen: "Anime" stylization is strongly preferred. Realistic artwork (including 3D renders) will only be accepted if the character is COVERED and not in a suggestive pose.
:bulletred: No exposed nipples or genitalia or obvious explicit content (even if censored)
:bulletgreen: Oppai loli is accepted (so long as the character looks like a loli)
:bulletred: No stolen work. No bases, traced/vectorized artwork or incomplete YCH. Collabs and linearts are accepted (we will not be approving multiples of the same art though).
:bulletgreen: No adoptable batches
:bulletred: No fetish-centered art
:bulletgreen: Unfinished/low effort artwork won't be accepted. Ready to color linearts are an exception.
:bulletred: No Yuri
:bulletgreen: Traditional art must be scanned or photographed properly, otherwise it will be declined. No art on lined paper.
:bulletred: No photography

:bulletblack: Feel free to ask why your submission was declined.

Disclaimer: This group does not condone child porn. Cute/sexy anime characters with a young appearance are not real children. The line that separates them will NOT be blurred in this group.






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Gabri--L Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2020  Professional Artist

The group is currently dormant, but when will it be restored?
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Marvolio Featured By Owner May 3, 2020
Thanks very much for accepting my request. I'm looking for an artist to hire on this subject, should i make a poll or someone will answer me here :D (Big Grin)i'm looking for an animation, not a single draw...sorry if this was not the right place to post this...
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MyTicklishPrincess Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just read the rules and see that i can't upload fetish u.u
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Tonowa Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2018   Digital Artist
thank you very much for the request :"3
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maddland Featured By Owner May 1, 2017  Student Artist
Hi, mind telling me why my submissions were declined? I sent a note but noone replied, I resubmitted one or two I believe and they got declined again, sooo, If its possible, Id like to know why.
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Rewdius Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015
Perspective.  Please don't lose your perspective.  What some might not enjoy is little more than harmless mental adventures to others.  It's better that people enjoy creative works of art like these than to venture off into the real world and act upon unrestricted impulses.

Beautiful artwork, people.  Please keep doing what you can.
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