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White Rabbit

just for fun
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Very, very cool.
Subt1e0ils's avatar
Matrix reboot please.
Aurigael's avatar
This is really cool :-) 
i love the character design and the slightly sketchy style
Crow-Dreamer's avatar
damn your stylleee is awesome !
SirGluk's avatar
at first glimpse reminded me of Chappie (the movie about the robot)
love it 
Crossark's avatar
I'd like to imagine that, even with mechanical augmentation to this character's arms, he still is incapable of twisting off the bottle cap on a bottle.
mrhd's avatar
refreshing perspective
FatalGrey's avatar
Man, every piece you do is so good. Great work as always. 
ravenreviews's avatar
This is so damn beautiful!!
Niki-Tiki-Tavi's avatar
Glad you see, that you can live after auto-catasrophe
mehdianim's avatar
Great lighting as always !! I am a dummy! La la la la Nuu 
Nice touch with the smiley face on the arm :)
DarkerEve's avatar
Awesome design 
Mikeymonkey1989's avatar
Very very cool! One rabbit I do not want to mess with.
Slayer730's avatar
This is ABSURDLY awesome
BlueDisciple's avatar
...and no one asks how he's going to drink that?
Artja's avatar
There's a wire going to the neck.
BlueDisciple's avatar
Got it! Thanks!

...that poor bastard! I'm betting it wasn't elective surgery!
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deerbard's avatar
Nice concept!
XBleuberryx's avatar
whoa that's really really awesome~!! nice colors and ambiance ;D
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